Lake Margherite


I took another walk around Lake Margherite in Scottsdale by where I work last week. I love it there. This is a small heron that I think may be a Green Heron but I’ll never really know for sure. He may also be a Night-Crowned Black Heron, which I have seen before here (see my previous walk around this lake)~sadly, I have always spelled the lake’s name wrong until now).


Whatever he is, he didn’t much care for the attention and flew to the other side for some privacy.

And here are a few more sights around the lake:

Dragonfly 8.15.14

Hawk 8.15.14


All the trees are numbered.

Crested Mallard 8.15.14

Remember a couple months ago when I saw a baby crested mallard at another lake in town? Well, here’s an adult one swimming with her friends.

DSC_5488 square

DSC_5489 square

DSC_5484 square

And a lovely Giant Swallowtail flying over the lake.

Lake View_edited-1

This is the lake from the far end, it curves some so you can’t see the whole thing. One of the benches…

Relax Bench

I did.

Skippers Galore


This is who I was photographing the other day when I came upon the White-Belted Ringtail in my last post. The Skippers are all over the place now. They’re tiny, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch long. This particular one is a Fiery Skipper.


So here he is in almost every possible position.






Bonus Skippers

Skip 2 8.17.14

I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out what kinds of Skippers these are. There are 99 types of skippers native to Arizona on this website I consult for butterfly identification and I just can’t figure out what these are for sure.

Skip 3 8.17.14

“I see you watching me watch you.”

Skip 8.17.14


DSC_5414 crop

This is a White-Belted Ringtail that was sipping from our lantana over the weekend. I was photographing Skippers and didn’t even see him at first. Click photo to enlarge and see his beautiful, shimmering wings.

Last year Tony photographed one of these in our yard and, soon after, I was able to find several kinds of dragonflies to photograph at Watson Lake.

Here are a couple other views of him but I like the first one best.



Super Hummer

Super Hum

It’s almost the Supermoon (again)! I know…I need to shoot things other than my little hummers…but it’s too hot to go out and about so my yard is my photo destination.


Either the male Anna’s Hummingbirds are more plentiful or they’re braver because the ones that let me close to them are boys. And I’m not always photographing the same bird because I sometimes see 4 or 5 at the same time.



Here’s a twofer…both males…

Hum 2fer

I can only get the girls at the feeders…


This one below was taken when it was almost dark so it’s grainy from high ISO but I like that the setting sun is catching his red head.


I have a bird totem to help channel my inner bird…

Bird Totem

So are you going to shoot the supermoon? I might try again on Sunday but right before dusk like I did on the top shot so that I don’t have to use a tripod. I always have cats weaving around the tripod legs if I put it out in my yard and I really don’t want my camera to have an unfortunate accident.

Blue or Gray?


Birdies look better against blue…but lately we’re seeing more gray…it’s that time of year here…




Everyone watching and waiting to see if it will be just rain or the usual thunder, lightning, and violent winds…

Waiting for the Storm


Starling 2


H-Bird 8.2.14

Monsoon  Monster

Here comes the monsoon monster roaring in…