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The Phoenix



It’s been so hot (116 today) and humid the last few days that I haven’t taken any photos. Here are some from last week on cloudy days during our monsoon season.


Someone’s nest blew down during the strong winds but I didn’t see any evidence of occupation so I’m assuming it was an old nest.


It’s only 3 inches across, too big for a hummingbird nest, not the right construction for a verdin nest, and too small for most of the other birds I’ve seen around here so it’s a mystery to me who built it. But I’m keeping it and thinking of a way to display it.

Phoenix Bird 4

This 18 foot tall piece, The Phoenix, located at the Shops at Town & Country, close to where I live, is by artist Paul Coze (1903-1974). He was a French-American anthropologist, artist, and writer, most notable as a French authority on Native Americans, and for his public art in the 1960s. Settling in Phoenix full-time in 1951, he founded an art school and created nine major pieces of public art in the city, including large multimedia installations at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and other civic landmarks, most with Native themes. Coze provided artistic designs for Arizona’s celebration of 50 years of statehood, The Arizona Story, in 1962 (Wikipedia).

I’m hoping for a little bit of a cool down so I can head back out and get some more shots soon…

Granada Park


When I go to one of the city lakes, I feel gypped if I don’t see herons, egrets, or…cormorants! So I was not disappointed as I walked around the 2 lakes at Granada Park because I saw this guy! I think he’s a Neotropic Cormorant.


Drying his wings, he briefly tolerated my attention…


And then didn’t anymore. I saw him a little later on the other side of the lake but he took off again when he saw me.


There were Killdeer(s)…


And a Lesser Scaup…love his little spiked hairdo.

Mallard and Crested Baby

I felt bad when I saw this mama mallard with only one duckling since I’m sure the others met unfortunate ends. Then I noticed the little pouf on the back of the baby’s head (click to enlarge) and thought it might have something wrong with it but, when I got home and read, I discovered that it is “crested,” which occurs sometimes with mallards but isn’t really a deformity. I think she looks cute with that little bonnet.


This is the setting for Granada Park, in the center of Phoenix, at the base of Piestewa Peak, part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. And, yeah, I was just about the only one there because it was the hottest part of the (hot) day.


DSC_4867 male crop


I’m totally excited to have found a flock of these birds again. Years ago, we saw them in a park not too far from our house but I didn’t have a good digital camera back then and, when I did, they were nowhere to be found. They are somewhat common in the Phoenix area but I haven’t been able to “capture” them until today. They were in a different park, also fairly close to our house.


These are Rosy-Faced Lovebirds (or Peach-Faced).  They are interesting in that they are descendants of captive birds that have thrived in the Phoenix area since the mid-1980s. There are large feral populations of them all over town and a one-day count of them on February 27, 2010 yielded 948. They especially like palm trees and I heard a bunch of them in a palm tree before I saw these.


This lovebird is native to dry wooded country in southwestern Africa and has adapted well to the climate in Phoenix which is not the case with other domestic parrot species. They are more of an urban wild bird than a bird found in outlying desert areas. I saw several of them today but these photos are the best.

“The long-term status of the Rosy-faced Lovebird in Arizona is not predictable. However in the greater Phoenix area, they are widespread, their population is growing, and there is little doubt that this charismatic little psittacid will continue to be part of Arizona’s avifauna for the foreseeable future” (AZ Field Ornithologists).



Early June at the DBG

Sag Close

Here are a few more shots from the other day when I went to the Desert Botanical Garden. (Click on photos for more detailed views.)

Bee at DBG

Dove at DBG_edited-1

Gazania at DBG

Ground Squirrel

“I have alien eyes.”

Hummer at DBG

Lavender Flower at DBG

Purp Flower DBG

Queen at DBG 1

Red Cactus Flower  Sulphur 6.2.14

Sunflower at DBG


My Day Off with Birds




I was off work today and wanted to go to the 7am Bird Walk at the Desert Botanical Garden. I was up, really, but after feeding kitties and all, I just didn’t get there in time for the walk but I did go on my own a little later (it is so hot today, though, that I could only tough it out for a little over an hour). I didn’t get any new-to-me birds but I got better shots of two kinds of birds than I’ve gotten before.


I love verdins and we have them in our yard. I even got some photos yesterday but the tiny little things are so fast and always stay under cover of branches that it’s hard to get a sharp shot of them…’til today. There were 2 of them chattering to each other in this mesquite tree.

Flower DBG with Rumi quote

I saw this quote on one of those memorial benches there and loved it.


And here’s the other bird I got some close-up shots of, Arizona’s state bird, the cactus wren.



This guy, foraging for insects in the mesquite bark, I guess, was very loud!



I was pleased to get these shots. Stay tuned for more photos from the DBG. This time of year, when it’s so miserably hot, I have to parcel out my photos so that I don’t run out…