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A mural in the Melrose District of Phoenix.


Someday I want my hair this color, at least part of it.

Purse Pink

My new purse that gives me extreme springtime joy and seems to affect others similarly.

Cross Earrings

My favorite earrings that I got last summer in Prescott, AZ at Newman Gallery. They are made by New Mexico artist Cindy Huff. Sterling silver with coral roses.

Pink Geraniums_edited-1

Geraniums on our front porch. In a couple weeks, they will succumb to the summer heat but they’ve brought color and beauty for the last several months.

Jessi Collar

Jessi’s new collar. Jessi is one of our outdoor cats who has now become an indoor cat. We love them all the same but it just became time for Jessi to be off the streets and she tested negative for all the bad kitty diseases. Marbles and Google are working at accepting her and vice versa.

Pink Spot

Delish ice cream and coffee served here.

Pink Spot Cones_edited-1

Sometimes it’s easier to do a blog post if you give yourself a little prompt.

New Paint!

Phoenix Mural
So this is my new favorite mural in town because it’s just so…Phoenix! The murals have changed and increased so much recently that I no longer even try to keep up with them. But I like to show you every now and then how colorful the streets of Phoenix are. This is by Lalo Cota, JB Snyder, Angel Diaz, Pablo Luna, and Colton Brock. Much as I love this above mural, it was painted over another one of my favorite murals (below), by Lalo Cota:


This is on Calle 16, one of the “hotspots” for murals~behind, next to, and close to Barrio Cafe, a great Mexican restaurant, the owner of which was the impetus behind all the murals on Calle 16, Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza.

Here is another wall there (Lalo):

Luchadores Mural

And this was what was on it most recently, more luchadores (partially Lalo):


Another new mural there, by Angel Diaz:

Turt Mural

And previously, on the same wall, also by Angel Diaz:


And another time, same wall:


And another wall (partially Lalo):

Mac Mural

This wall, above, is special, in that in 2011, El Mac (Miles Mac), who is an internationally renowned artist and muralist now, came back to Phoenix, where he got his start, and painted this part of the wall:


Out of respect for him, this part of the wall doesn’t get over-painted although the rest of it changes now and then:



And here’s a bonus one, down the street a little ways:

16th Street Mural

I do hope that first one gets made into t-shirts, postcards, magazine covers, etc. and brings a lot of cashola to the artists. I’ll buy one.


February in Phoenix

Hummer Eating Bug Music

Bug. It’s what’s for dinner. (Click photos for more detail.)


This is how it looks in Phoenix right now. It might look a little different than where you are (especially this year).


Kumquats? The scent of citrus blossoms will fill the air in another month or so…


Yellow Marc

Rocks Crop

My first butterfly of the year in our yard! A Painted Lady.


Wall Crop

Hib Bud

Don’t feel bad if all you see where you live is white…in a few months while you’re enjoying your summers, we’ll be sweating it out and wishing it was over…back to the way it is now.

Pink Petunias

But for now, the beginnings of spring have arrived…

Viad Bronzes





Amazingly, this window washer at the Viad Corporate Center in downtown Phoenix is a sculpture! I had to touch his white coveralls to make sure they were bronze as they looked exactly like fabric.





This beautiful property is filled with fascinating, life-sized sculptures. I always love to find new-to-me places where I can take some photos and I just discovered where these sculptures were recently…I’ve driven by the building countless times but they aren’t visible from the street unless you park and walk around.





But this is the best part~to me~how they’ve made these two different pieces interact as though they’re meant to be together…




And how cool is it to immortalize a photographer in bronze?






I like how they are all carefully placed to take full advantage of their surroundings. Apparently there are additional sculptures inside the lobby of a security guard and a man reading the newspaper.

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For Our Viewing Pleasure



More murals by Lalo Cota. I used to try to keep up with the murals in Phoenix; however, it’s too hard now as there are so many, which is a good thing. I love to see them but they’re not my favorite thing to photograph anymore but, as I see them when I’m out with my camera, I’ll shoot them…for our viewing pleasure.





Oh, and I didn’t want to change my blog design but I had to~the snow wasn’t falling on it and I then found out that particular theme was no longer supported by WordPress so, since there had been some other glitches lately, I figured I better update it. I like the old one better and I’m not sure I’ll stick with this theme but this is it for now.