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New Paint!

Phoenix Mural
So this is my new favorite mural in town because it’s just so…Phoenix! The murals have changed and increased so much recently that I no longer even try to keep up with them. But I like to show you every now and then how colorful the streets of Phoenix are. This is by Lalo Cota, JB Snyder, Angel Diaz, Pablo Luna, and Colton Brock. Much as I love this above mural, it was painted over another one of my favorite murals (below), by Lalo Cota:


This is on Calle 16, one of the “hotspots” for murals~behind, next to, and close to Barrio Cafe, a great Mexican restaurant, the owner of which was the impetus behind all the murals on Calle 16, Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza.

Here is another wall there (Lalo):

Luchadores Mural

And this was what was on it most recently, more luchadores (partially Lalo):


Another new mural there, by Angel Diaz:

Turt Mural

And previously, on the same wall, also by Angel Diaz:


And another time, same wall:


And another wall (partially Lalo):

Mac Mural

This wall, above, is special, in that in 2011, El Mac (Miles Mac), who is an internationally renowned artist and muralist now, came back to Phoenix, where he got his start, and painted this part of the wall:


Out of respect for him, this part of the wall doesn’t get over-painted although the rest of it changes now and then:



And here’s a bonus one, down the street a little ways:

16th Street Mural

I do hope that first one gets made into t-shirts, postcards, magazine covers, etc. and brings a lot of cashola to the artists. I’ll buy one.


For Our Viewing Pleasure



More murals by Lalo Cota. I used to try to keep up with the murals in Phoenix; however, it’s too hard now as there are so many, which is a good thing. I love to see them but they’re not my favorite thing to photograph anymore but, as I see them when I’m out with my camera, I’ll shoot them…for our viewing pleasure.





Oh, and I didn’t want to change my blog design but I had to~the snow wasn’t falling on it and I then found out that particular theme was no longer supported by WordPress so, since there had been some other glitches lately, I figured I better update it. I like the old one better and I’m not sure I’ll stick with this theme but this is it for now.

Day of the Dead ’13


Hi, it’s my fifth annual Día de Los Muertos post! Keeping with my tradition, I was happy to find some new murals around town to show you.


A new Lalo Cota and Breeze mural on Barrio Cafe, home to many murals.



More Lalo above, on the door of his former studio/gallery, on Calle 16.


I love this beauty, above, on Central Avenue.


He’s been busy!



And a few more items spotted about town:



Why didn’t I find these when I got married???? Seriously. I would have loved them.


And because I had no Halloween posts this year (unlike last year when I had a couple spooky ones, 1 and 2), here is Halloween transitioning into the Days of the Dead (November 1 and 2), right at midnight, the witching hour!


Happy Halloween~Feliz Día de los Muertos!

Want more Day of the Dead? Here are some links to my previous posts: 2012′s post, 2011′s post, 2010′s post, and 2009′s post.

Return of the Murals!


Well, the murals have been here all along, thriving and growing in numbers. I just didn’t get out to take photos of them for awhile due to the holidays, changes at work, life. Now I’ve lost track of where all the new ones are. Although I’ve tried to keep up through Facebook, it’s going to take some doing to catch up on them all.


But Calle 16, which is quite close to our house, was an easy way to jump back in and there have been a lot of additions and changes there. Check out this previous post of mine from almost a year ago to see how some of the murals have changed since then.


The El Mac portion remains unchanged while Lalo Cota changed his part of it, on the above wall.


This particular wall is all new work that was done in December 2012 and January 2013 by several artists.





Frida Frame

DSC_0005 crop


This is along the back and side of Barrio Cafe. The owner, Chef Silvana, was the impetus for the whole Calle 16 project several years ago.



This wall is also shown in the previous post mentioned above, as it appeared then. So you can see that there have been some overpaintings and changes while other walls remain the same.

If you’re ever in Phoenix, check out our alleys for lots of colorful surprises.

Day of the Dead ’12

Yup, you’re in the right place. It’s Día de Los Muertos and we’re going to celebrate!

In most regions of Mexico, November 1 honors children and infants, whereas deceased adults are honored on November 2. This is indicated by generally referring to November 1 as Día de los Inocentes (“Day of the Innocents”)  and November 2 as Día de los Muertos  (“Day of the Dead”).

Let’s party!

These photos were taken at the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center, where they are having a Día de Los Muertos festival on Friday in downtown Phoenix that I hope to attend…so I may have an additional Day of the Dead post in the near future.

Many catrinas and calaveras to dance with…

This is a bottle of Kah Tequila that Tony gave me for my birthday last summer. They make 3 different calaveras for 3 different tequilas, the black one, a white one, and a yellow one…I’ll be getting the other 2 at some point.

If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I usually post Day of the Dead murals for November 1. Here is a link to last year’s post, 2010′s post, and 2009′s post. We have a lot of those types of murals in Phoenix, done by Lalo Cota, Angel Diaz, Pablo Luna, and others, but I could not find any that I haven’t already posted here for today’s post. So, above, is a mural I’ve never shown nor seen, I don’t know if it is still around, but it was done by Lalo Cota and it’s on his business card, so I scanned it, just so I wouldn’t be breaking my own tradition. I wanted to post a photo of this mural, also by Lalo, but by the time I went to shoot it, it had been overpainted.

My cousin, who also loves Day of the Dead, sent me this as well as the metal skeleton (and some other goodies) in the next photo. Love them!

And I added this Day of the Dead cross to my large cross collection.

¡Viva La Vida!