The Last Day of September

It’s still hot in Phoenix but it’s definitely starting to seem more like fall. The parade of butterflies has begun on our lantana…so far only little ones but I do see a big one fly by now and then…if they would only light. Above we have a Western Pygmy-Blue, a very small butterfly with a 1/2 inch wingspan, a Checkered-White, a White Checkered-Skipper, and an Eufala Skipper. Also loving the lantana is a Honey Bee:

Not much bird action but it’s still been too hot to spend any time sitting in the yard. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the Rock Pigeon, though, because it looked so autumnal, having a drink.

Our 3 indoor cats (Ferguson, Torti, and Bouche) are pictured below. We also have 8 outdoor cats, I have a colony of 15 cats a block away, and I am cat sitting 4 other cats at their house for the next 2 weeks. Cat-centricity.

Ferguson was pleased when this month’s National Geographic arrived. “Finally an article I can wrap my paws around.”

Hope you are not in harm’s way from the hurricane. I know people in Fort Myers as well as Myrtle Beach. Climate change is real. Stay safe.

Almost Missed August

Where have all the butterflies gone? In years past, there would be a variety of them visiting our yard. This year? Just Fiery Skippers and not that many. I’m hoping they’re just late but it probably portends something worse.

I made a brief sojourn to Fountain Hills…this viewpoint used to have quite a lovely view but now houses, cars, and golfers have been added…this is a 4 shot panorama.

Kitties! The indoor crew: Ferguson, Torti, Bouche.

I was playing with my crystal ball one day and not getting the effects I wanted so Ferguson decided to help out by defying gravity. Much better!

The cats are not using heir kitty cat clubhouse as much as I had hoped but every now and then:

It’s been a decent monsoon season so far so things are pretty green but it’s very muggy as well as hot. That’s Phoenix in the summertime.

See you in September!

I Missed July!

I didn’t post all of July and now that I’m basically only doing once-a-month posts, I should have no excuse. But it was such a HOT July and, on top of that, I got Covid after 2.5 years of being extra careful. I didn’t get really sick but it lingered on and on. Here’s my cat, Ferguson, not wanting his temp taken…and also reminding me that’s not how cats do it.

So I didn’t take many outdoor photos…not much action in my yard anyway when it’s over 110 day after day. So here are the 3 indoor kitties…Ferguson, again, having now developed the habit of hissing at anyone that comes in the house, quite the guard cat; Torti showing her wild side; and Bouche looking pensive.

A thirsty Rosy-faced Lovebird hung out for a couple days (it got water)…and even used the swing!

And I humored my lion obsession (not just because I’m a Leo). The paperweight is from the Art Institute of Chicago, where my father was from, and a city we visited often in my childhood. Two bronze lions, created by Edward Keymes in 1894, greet visitors at the entrance to the museum. This represents the south lion.

Plus a still life from our baking front yard entitled, Forgotten and Forlorn.

That was my July, forlorn and soon-to-be forgotten, I hope.

What a Month!

It’s been a heck of a month…globally, nationally, personally…so I’m just going to post some cats and birds and hope things get better all around.



Bouche and Callie:


Tortoise. Shell. Tortoiseshell.


Adult and Juvenile Verdins

Anna’s Hummingbirds, female and male

Harris’s Hawk

Rosy-faced Lovebird

“Cats are such gossips!” Curve-billed Thrasher

And a bonus Leafcutter Bee, only the males have green eyes.

Camp Kitty PawPaw

One of my kitties, Bouche, Panning for Gold.

So…it’s summer in Phoenix and it’s hot so it’s time to find some little diversions from “normal” life, if there is such a thing anymore. So this is Camp Kitty PawPaw, where good kitties spend their summers…

Day 1

Summer is here and the first campers are arriving at Camp Kitty PawPaw. Here’s a look at part of the campsite.

The fire pit is ready to be lit for the nightly meow-a-long.

Callie and Bouche check out the accommodations.

“Looks like a one-cat tent to me,” Callie observes.

Bouche kindly lets Callie have that tent and waits to see where he is going to sleep after a fun-filled day.

Bouche doesn’t mind at all just sleeping with his brother, Tufty, under the clear desert sky. “That’s what roughing it is all about!”

Day 5

The day dawned cool at Camp Kitty PawPaw but the temps were going to go over 100 in the afternoon so the campers needed to grab all the gusto while they could.

“Wake up, ya bums, it’s time for breakfast,” yelled the camp bully, Bouche. 

“That was a short night,” Callie grumbled.

“Sure was,” replied Kitt from the Bunkhouse.

“Is camp over yet?” Sadly asked.

“I’m not really a joiner either,” Luke replied.

“I’m a loner, this isn’t my idea of a good time,” said Edie as she sized up the others. 

“I hope it’s not Chicken in Gravy again,” Tufty whispered shyly.

Tabby just learned she is in charge of tonight’s campfire for the meow-a-long.


“Boycats are jerks,” Misty said to no one in particular, remembering the dunking she got in the pool yesterday.

“Some of them are not in the camp frame of mind. Personally, I love a good time,” offered Bouche.

He will, no doubt, be crowned “Most Popular Camper” or “Most Annoying Camper.” He may have been seen poolside around the time Misty got dunked…