A Valentine for You

Hi, well, I’ve been blogging a little on my myspace page but I understand the limitations of myspace. Not everyone in the world wants to sign up for it and it can be cumbersome. So, let’s see how this goes.  On myspace, I was primarily blogging about art and photography but I would like to expand my horizons a little and try to blog daily about my journey through life and hope that it can be interesting enough–with time–to have a reader or two.

So, let me look around wordpress a little and see if I can figure out how to make my blog look attractive.  I have inserted a link on the left side of this page to my myspace photos so that, if you would like, you can see some of my art/photography.

For now, let me insert a photo that I manipulated with a little trick in Photoshop that I learned from the forum at photojojo.com (a very fun place to visit if you’re into photography).  Here is the original picture which was, incidentally, my valentine last year.



And using the following trick in Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements, which is what I have), a cool effect has been created.

1. Open photo in PPS

2. Resize photo–size depends on card size, squares seem to work best.

3. Select Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates

4. Select>Polar to Rectangular>OK

5. Select Image Rotation>180 degrees

6. Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates>Rectangular to Polar>OK



And, there it is, my first post and a new valentine for all of you!



8 thoughts on “A Valentine for You

  1. Hi Candace,

    Thank you for including me on your blog list. Also thank for the “how to” re Photoshop. I have it on my computer and don’t know how to use it. I need to do a flyer today for an auction event in March and so I am going to use your instructions! The heart is beautiful.

    Very cold in Santa Fe….frigid actually! I have had a fire in the kiva all week. I am an entrepeneur right now in addition to my other work commitments. I am doing “chocolate” healthy chocolate…Xocai. Have you heard of it? I hve a blog and will let you know how to access blog once I figure it out…I am going to blog about being in the chocolate business and astrology etc….what fun this blogging!

    Thanks again for includng me!


  2. Nice work. Technology has passed me by..I have trouble with my MP3 player and you can manipulae images! Your my hero. But then you always have been.


  3. This is great…since we hardly ever talk, now I can keep up on your life! Ha, ha!

    I love the heart valentine, very pretty. I always enjoying looking at your art.

    Happy v-day (yesterday).


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