Arizona Statehood Day (Oh, and Valentine’s Day, Too)

Arizona, the 48th state, was born on February 14, 1912.  But I didn’t make any cards for that.  This, however, was my “official” valentine mailed or emailed to about 50 people, featuring one of our cats, our newest indoor kitten:


If you like to make small art/cards in any medium and you like sending and receiving snail mail, you might want to check out mail art ( I’ve been involved in mail art for over 10 years and, although my involvement now consists of corresponding with only about 25-30 mail artists, I’ve received tons of excellent and interesting art pieces through the years.  There are many mail art sites and blogs where you can learn more about the history of the movement and easily get the addresses of other mail artists and participate in calls.  It will make checking the mail everyday a whole new experience.

I did have another “limited-edition” valentine I made, using the same Photoshop technique that I mentioned in my 2/13 post.  If you don’t have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (the lighter, far less expensive version that I have), there are several image-editing programs that can be downloaded for free that have many of the same features.  One that was mentioned favorably on the forum where I learned this Photoshop trick was Gimp (

Here is the original photo, which is pretty mediocre as far as photos go:


And here is the Valentine edition:


I’m sure I’ll get tired of this technique soon, but not yet!

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  I think it’s a fun, no-pressure holiday.  It seems no one really expects much (in my world, anyway) so just doing something simple seems to please them.  Tony and I will probably go out for dinner but we often do on Saturday night anyway and I have a very minimalist gift for him and, so far, I have received valentines from my mother and my cousin (whose very interesting website, Temenos of the Blessing Light, is listed in my blogroll) as well as some email valentines but it’s only 10am so who knows what the day may bring…

Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for the nice comments I’ve received.



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