The President Has Landed at Sky Harbor!

My favorite President in a long time (at least 8 years) is spending the night in our fair city of Phoenix.  I’d love to catch a glimpse of him, his motorcade, Air Force One, but it’s not too likely.  He landed a little too late to cause any traffic jams on my way home from work and I’m pretty much in for the evening.


It’s nice to be excited and proud again about our new elegant, eloquent President. Today he signed the economic stimulus bill saying that it “will keep the American Dream alive for our time.”  Let’s hope that everything the President hopes this package will accomplish comes to pass…as soon as possible.

I had hoped to have a silly photo to post today to commemorate his first visit to Phoenix as President (the first of many, I hope) but it’s not ready yet so it will have to wait.  Here’s another one instead featuring our newest cat:


The sky cleared from the earlier storms, leaving the vivid blue sky you only see in the Southwest, filled with fluffy, white clouds. Welcome to Phoenix, President Obama!



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