Oh, No, Not Another Cat Blog!

Since Socks Clinton died today, the former cat of the former President (my all-time favorite President so far), I’ve decided to write briefly about my own cats in Socks’ memory.  Socks lived to be 20, a ripe old age for a kitty, and I’m sure he had a very good, pampered life. I was going to put off writing about my cats for awhile because I have certainly found the following quote to be true:

“There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.” – Dan Greenberg

I think all of us cat lovers have noticed that bemused, tolerant look on the faces of others at times when we tell one of our cute little cat stories.  And some of us may even be known as CCLs (Crazy Cat Ladies), especially by those who don’t share our love for the furry little critters.


My cousin and her husband, cat people themselves, gave me this hilarious gift last summer when I was visiting them.  The reason for this may be due to the fact that we have not only 3 indoor cats currently, but a large contingent of equally lovable outdoor cats who seem to gravitate here.  We feed, play with, name (of course), and provide sleeping quarters to these cats as best we can.  Since we live in Arizona, they are not exposed to harsh weather conditions and they seem to be a pretty happy bunch, content with their lot in life.  Some are feral, some are tame, some gradually go from feral to tame. Lately we have had tame cats dumped in our neighborhood, probably due to the economy.  Fortunately, I have other cat loving neighbors who also feed some of them.

So…I won’t show you pics of all of them, not right now anyway…maybe later in measured doses.

But here are our 3 indoor cats:

Abbey, almost 8


Marbles, almost 11


and Google, the largest of all of them at only 8.5 months old


Aren’t they adorable?  We found Abbey, abandoned as a 4 week old kitten, in a desert mountain preserve in 2001.  In 2005, she almost died and had a very grave prognosis, given weeks to live, and she is almost fully recovered, although she does have asthma because of it.  We got Marbles from HALO Animal Rescue in 2004, when he was 6 years old.  Google showed up in our yard last September as a tame, small kitten that we didn’t feel should be left outside to fend for himself.

Next time I do Cat Chat, maybe I’ll tell you about previous cats we have had, who are no longer with us: Emily, Cory, Miles, and Scottie.

I can almost see that look on some of your faces now but this really is not another cat blog (not yet anyway), so I will end for now and go cuddle a kitty.  You should, too.



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