Blogging Artfully

A few months ago, my cousin ( sent me two beautiful magazines, Artful Blogging. They are full of examples of talented, creative bloggers writing about and showing their art.  You can see portions of past issues at  To quote their website, “Filled with full-color photography, illustration, mixed-media and assemblage, fabric and vintage artwork — whether or not you have a blog of your own, you will find no richer landscape to spark your own creative fires.” These gorgeous blogs are something to which I hope to attain...

In the spirit of artful blogging, this is a series of photos taken in my backyard–the first two were taken about the same time around a year and a half ago and the other two were taken a few months later because I wanted to expand the series.  Prints of the first two were sold at a fundraiser last May and I have also used the first two in my mail art but Tony is the only one who has the full series (hanging at his workplace).  The four prints recently hung at a local coffeehouse/gallery but they didn’t sell (not the best of times for the art market).  They’re now in my trunk, along with some other framed prints, that I hope to show again locally in the not-too-distant future.





I think as a series that they’re successful but I definitely think the first two are the strongest of the group and that they can stand alone; however, I’m not entirely sure that the last two can do so.

It’s a beautiful weekend in Phoenix, definite signs of spring emerging.  Hope you are having a good weekend, too.



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