While Strolling Through the Park Today…

I guess I’m fortunate–I still have a job and can spend an hour in this beautiful park everyday if I want.  The weather was gorgeous today, as it usually is this time of year, so I took my lunch and my camera to the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, a plaza full of flowers, public art, fountains, ponds, restaurants, shops, the library, City Hall, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, ducks, swans, other birds, quiet benches and tables, an amphitheater with lunchtime entertainment, a hotel, and a lot of happy people enjoying the Arizona sunshine.





This guy and his friends were having a good time, too, and they have a nice, new, safe gated area to protect them at night now.


But, hey, what’s going on at AZ88, one of the “trendy” restaurants in the mall?  The recently painted windows are causing a stir. I heard about this on the radio this morning and wanted to see for myself.  Hmmm, does it taint the family atmosphere of the park?


Checkers, anyone? (This photo was actually taken at the park about a year ago, not today like the others.)


Here’s an interesting photo site that I found out about from photojojo.com today:


Hope spring is on its way to you, too.



5 thoughts on “While Strolling Through the Park Today…

  1. my wife and i were married at the Marshall Gardens in the Scottsdale Civic Center 25 years ago 12/1984. We visited there this weekend but my camera malfunctioned and none of the photos turned out. do you have anymore photos or know where I might be able to obtain some? i was going to surprise my wife with a framed photo-thanks for your assistance


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