Friday is Finally Here!

Heading home from work…moonroof open, camera extended…



The best time of the week has arrived!  Friday night is always the best because the whole weekend stretches out before you, with all its potential.  Maybe you’re doing something special or maybe you’re just catching up on your chores, relaxing, and doing stuff around the house but it’s your time.

This should get you in the mood (crank it up):

\”Weekend\” by Wet Willy

Here’s what we saw as nighttime settled in (and I didn’t even know it was going to be up there):



“After sunset on the evening of Friday, February 27, 2009, skygazers will be able to see the planet Venus and Earth’s only natural satellite, the Moon, together for the last time—at least until early in 2010. You’ll also get a chance to see them on a few more following nights, but not quite as spectacular as Friday’s event.”

Check it out on the weekend if you missed it on Friday, it really was spectacular.

So, what are you doing this weekend?  You’ll know what I’m doing if you check back here.

Have a great weekend, whatever you do, and think about African Kelli’s CAOK 2009 (  I know I am.



5 thoughts on “Friday is Finally Here!

  1. Real nice sky in that second picture out of the car!

    And the moon is amazing! I cant believe i didnt know that was going to happen!


  2. I love reading first blog posts 🙂

    Who would have known way back then that you’d be freshly pressed one day, hey 🙂

    The moon is like a jewel.


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