Last night my friend Cindy and I met for after-work drinks.  This charming little companion, a grackle enjoying the sun, joined us for awhile and was very happy to pose for the camera so that I could finally get the right shot of her.


Today was a much gloomier day than yesterday and it’s beginning to cool down again, so we’re going from the low 90s last weekend to the upper 60s this coming weekend and I’m looking forward to that.  We want to prolong spring as long as we can around here.

When I first started to blog, I guess I was planning on photoblogging, for the most part, with an occasional reference to the photographs in text.  But then I remembered that I like to write, too, and I think photography and writing complement each other well.  It’s also the perfect way to journal, to focus on what you consider your priorities…which can change from day to day.

I’ve looked at some blogs that are strictly photoblogs and, while some of them have beautiful photography, I still think it’s far more interesting to have some accompanying text.  Same with the blogs that have no visual aids.  They might be informative, funny, quirky, but they are a little boring to look at.

This is a photo that I took in late November/early December at Cosanti Foundation in Scottsdale, where Paolo Soleri’s famous windbells are made.  It was shot without looking through the viewfinder, for a theme, called “Shoot from the Hip.”  I did several but this was the only one I liked.  These canvas shades are on some of the buildings to help hold in the heat in the winter and keep the buildings cooler in the summer.


Shooting themes for jpgmag led me to photograph more than I had been doing but it’s only been since I started to blog that I’ve taken daily photographs. I highly recommend blogging to anyone who wants a creative outlet or has the desire to journal or document their life.

Hope you’re all having a good week!



7 thoughts on “Photoblogging

  1. Lovely blog! After taking a blogging break, I thought I’d like to have a more photocentric approach this time around. Looking at yours solidifies that desire and makes me wish even more that my “picture” computer worked so I could get back to posting photos. But at least I can get out there and take some. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the very nice compliments. I looked at your blog, too, and it’s very entertainingly written. And, of course, your name is lovely (and spelled “right,” too)!


  2. I love all the information you include in your blog. For example, the windbells by Paolo Soleri. I didn’t even know they existed. Looked them up, and loved them (oh, the ceramic ones!). Thanks.


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