Since spring is coming and I need a theme for this post, here are some photos “of, or relating to, plants.”



Phoenix is full of events this time of year and this coming weekend is a big one for the local art scene.  The First Friday artwalk continues through Sunday (3/6-3/8) with the 21st Annual Art Detour.  The downtown galleries are open all weekend as well as restaurants, shops, and coffeehouses.  Shuttles run the route; street fairs, vendors, and musicians are all over–it can be a very fun time and a way to purchase some affordable art…and spend time with 10,000 other art lovers.  Check out this article for more information:

Last year, my cousin, who does not live in Arizona, and I both participated in a community prayer flag installation that was part of Art Detour.  Groups of flags hung outside many downtown galleries.


Hers hung outside Red Dog Gallery (above) and mine were outside Just Breathe (below).


I hope to attend some of the weekend festivities with my camera and get a few good shots, more material for photoblogging.



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