Dreary Days

Most of this week has been gloomy weather-wise.  A lot of people in AZ look forward to the occasional cloudy day because it’s such a change from our usual bright, sunny days.  Not me–growing up in the midwest, I saw plenty of winter gloom.  So, while I appreciate when it rains here (it hasn’t rained, it just looks like it’s going to), I don’t appreciate these dreary days.  And, most importantly, I just can’t get good shots when it’s cloudy!  My newfound pleasure in daily shooting has fizzled out this week. 

I love photos that show shadow or texture, accentuated by the sunlight.  Here’s a fairly unattractive store back I saw a few months ago but something about the textures in the late afternoon light made me want to capture it.  It wasn’t really inviting but it drew me in.


I just looked at the forecast and, although tomorrow will be another gloomy workday, the weekend should be bright and sunny again so I can get some more material for a few days of photoblogging.

Here’s another shot from my lunchtime shoot last week at Scottsdale Civic Center. Gotta love those little black feet!  And that nice, bright sun.


Hope you’re as eager for the (sunny) weekend as I am.



4 thoughts on “Dreary Days

  1. Ohhh, I LOVE the little black feet. 🙂 The water is just gorgeous.

    I know what you mean about textures. Sometimes I find myself wanting to capture some pretty unconventional stuff. 🙂

    I’m sorry about that MuNKi link. Last night it worked for me, but this morning it had reverted to the host site. Yuck. It was supposed to go to a pic of a guy in fatigues with the name “Obvious”, who happened to be a Captain, LOL!


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