Another dreary day of poor quality photos…but tomorrow, for sure, is supposed to be sunny, and in the low 70s…perfect weather for being out and about and catching some shots.  Here’s tonight’s drive home from work–quite a convergence of electrical lines…bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…bet that’s a healthy place to hang out.  And, for Lianne, a few more palm trees (…


There was a tiny bit of sun when I got home so I grabbed my camera and went down the alley, thinking this might be a colorful shot but, by then, the clouds had masked the sun again and I got some more dreary shots of what should have been a colorful scene. The wildflowers are pretty, though, and they’re all around.  I’ll have to go back and re-shoot this place when it’s sunny so I can get some contrast and texture.



We’ve got a few plans this weekend–maybe catch some of Art Detour which I wrote about earlier this week and Sunday night we are going to the Downtown Chamber Series.  If you live in Phoenix and like classical music at all, this series is a lot of fun and a huge bargain.  The concerts are held in various downtown Phoenix art galleries, the musicians are mostly Phoenix Symphony members, and you get a great concert, art, wine, and refreshments all for the bargain price of $10 per person.  It’s a deal. Check ’em out:

And, of course, there are always chores to catch up on…and reading…and blogging…and hanging out with the cats.  Hope you have a good weekend!



One thought on “Bzzzzzzzz

  1. Yay! Palm trees haha

    Ive only seen them in person once in my life. Its sad.

    Love those blue windows too by the way 🙂


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