Art and Coffee

Hope you had a good weekend.  I’m not going to let the fact that I don’t care for any of the photos I took this weekend stop me from blogging!  So you’ll just have to look at some not-so-hot photos if you read this post.

Tonight, as I mentioned in my last post, we went to Downtown Chamber Series at the Icehouse (Icehouse Arts), which really was an icehouse (along with 11 others) back before refrigeration.  It’s right off the railroad tracks and the produce and other perishables that came in by train were stored in the icehouses.  It’s a very architecturally unique building that is now an artspace.  This installation is called “Nest,” by Steve Helffrich.


It was very dark in there and since I couldn’t lug a tripod around with me, I really didn’t get many pics that even registered on the camera.  I’m not sure what this is called but at least it’s visible (it’s neon).


The performance was called Drumming by Steve Reich and performed by Crossing 32nd Street, called Phoenix’s “best new classical music ensemble,” by the Arizona Republic. It was a very unusual and interesting piece.

Where to go afterwards for coffee in the 5th biggest city in the nation on a Sunday night?  I’m sure the top 4 have a lot more going on than Phoenix but we did find an open coffeehouse, open until midnight every night, at 7th Street and Glendale, Unlimited Coffee-Monster’s Gelato (Unlimited).  The vanilla latte, my standard, was pretty good but still a little too sweet. However, Unlimited does have Randy Kinkel’s entertaining painting of Monster’s last supper.


Monster was the owner’s late cat.  Randy Kinkel is a local artist, classical music DJ, and part owner of Red Dog Gallery.  His cat and dog pictures are his trademark:

Randy Kinkel Art

We like to support the independent coffeehouses in town and do frequent several of them (Mama Java’s, Copper Star, Mighty Cup, Fair Trade, Drip) but the best coffee drinks, in my opinion, are at Seattle’s Best Coffee at Borders Books and Music (where we went last night).  Not too sweet, not bitter, just right.  I also buy their coffee to drink at home (although Tony drinks exclusively Peet’s at home).


And, of course, their mascot is Henry the Cat.  I even have a Henry Cat–I should have taken his picture.  Maybe next time…

Hope your weekend was restful and you are all set to get back to the old “grind,” get it?


p.s. Yay, I finally re-figured out how to get the links to display by their titles instead of their urls.  I did it before, forgot how, and now I remembered!!!!!!!  Wonder if I’ll forget again?

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