Spay Day–Yup, A Cat Post

While blogsurfing, I read that Friday is considered catblogging day.  I don’t know if that is universal knowledge or not, but I’m breaking the rules on a Tuesday.

I’ve mentioned my outdoor cat situation in another post.  There are 10-12 cats who now eat regularly at our house.  Naturally, some are girls and we have now entered kitty breeding season.  Some of these cats are feral–there have always been a lot of cats in this neighborhood since we moved here almost 15 years ago–but lately there are tame cats, too.  I think people have been abandoning them due to the economy–a crappy thing to do, in my opinion, but these ones found their way here.

I would love to get all the girls spayed before we have yet more kittens running around. The boys need to be neutered, too, but with the girls, time is of the essence.  So yesterday I was off work and determined to get this show on the road.  I was able to easily nab 2 of the girls who have had suitors the last few days. I had an appointment set up at my vet to take them in last night and I was determined to get one, 2 was a bonus.

Here are Ivory and Jessi, with WB, our top outdoor cat.  WB is neutered and a big-hearted cat who not only loves us but seems to like most other cats–at least those with manners.  WB is a tough guy and still sprays so living inside with us has never been an option for him.  He seems perfectly happy with his outdoor living accommodations, though.  Here he is wondering why poor Jessi and Ivory are stuck in carriers, howling, and what he should do about it.


Jessi and Ivory got through their surgeries just fine today and are spending a couple of nights at the vet. They might spend an additional night in a dog carrier we have before they are let outside again.

These 2 girls went to my full service vet practice who doesn’t do low cost spay/neuter but who did cut me a break.  However, I have now located a low cost clinic where the rest are going to have to go. Next week I have some more days off so I’m going to make an appointment at the low cost clinic for a couple of them and hope for the best. Most of the rest that I have to catch are feral or semi-feral and will need to be trapped. My vet is going to loan me a humane trap and I will have to hope they take the bait…literally.

It’s not fun trapping cats–I’ve done it before, twice, and it’s stressful for all involved…feline and human.  Sometimes I wish this was just a big farm and it would be okay to just let them all breed and be barn cats–but that’s not how it is here in the city.  

Here’s Wavy, one of the rebuffed suitors, sitting next to WB.  He doesn’t look feral but he is. He needs his day at the vet, too, but ladies first.


Last night’s reward?  


Now that Christmas gift card is used up!

Wish me luck, please, with catching the others and with the monetary aspect of it.  I think the Nikon camera I’ve been thinking about is going to have to go on hold for awhile.



3 thoughts on “Spay Day–Yup, A Cat Post

  1. OOoo, catching cats. When we lived in Puerto Rico we had 11 cats at the same time, and although we love cats, this is not recommendable. Now we have only two. They live outside. We didn’t have time to get the female spayed, so she’s “expecting”. Anyone want Mexican cats? They meow in Spanish.
    Good luck with your cat-trapping!


  2. Wavy seems to know the good life, you’re right he doesn’t look feral at all. It looks like he has the best of both worlds- freedom and the ability to get what he wants- he looks so maintained! of course, not all kitties are not as innocent as they look. It is a good thing you are doing, helping these cats not become statisics/make more statistics.


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