Cat’s Claw

Another sign of spring has arrived in our yard–the cat’s claw is blooming!  It doesn’t bloom for more than a few days but it looks really pretty for that short time.  I didn’t realize until reading up on it today how many medicinal qualities it has.  It’s native to the rainforest.  Maybe I should learn to harvest and market it.  However, according to Wikipedia, “There are other plants which are known as cat’s claw (or uña de gato) in Mexico and Latin America; however, they are entirely different plants, belonging to neither the Uncaria genus, nor to the Rubiaceae family. Some of the Mexican uña de gato varieties are known to have toxic properties.”  No doubt that is the one we actually have and harvesting wouldn’t be a great idea.


My cousin, Deborah (Temenos of the Blessing Light), read about this book on Paula’s Book Talk and thought I might enjoy reading it to help while away the time Tony is in China: Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him.  I just finished a book yesterday (that I wouldn’t really recommend) so I dropped by Border’s tonight and picked it up.  It “captures the absurdity of the New York art scene with wide and witty brushstrokes.”  I’ll let you know how it is.

Tomorrow night’s Etta James concert has been postponed so Tony will be able to attend, after all.  We had the tickets for several months and then he found out he would be going to China and was disappointed.  Tony is now in Guangzhou but has not sent any new photos because it seems to be hazy there a lot.


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