Vernal Equinox Upcoming

At 11:44 a.m. UTC on March 20, the vernal equinox occurs.  According to my calculations, that is a little less than 9 hours from now so here are more pictures of springtime in my yard.


That’s a pomegranate bush. These are petunias:


This is my outdoor sacred space/potting table that needs to be cleaned up.  Most of the candles melted grotesquely due to the unseasonably warm temperatures.


Today Meezer, the last of the semi-tame strays in our neighborhood, went into the vet to be spayed.  Ebony came home from his neutering experience.  Now Jessi, Ebony, and Ivory are sporting new collars and tags (along with top outdoor cat, WB).  They are all supposed to be ear-tipped, too, but apparently they forgot to do Ebony’s ear so he needs to keep his collar on.

Here’s Ivory, doing a little spring bird-watching today, annoyed that I startled her prey. Fortunately, the cats don’t catch the birds very often (too well-fed and lazy) but I have had to quit putting birdseed out for that reason.  We still feed the hummingbirds but they’re too fast for the cats.


Nice dandelions, huh?

The rest of the stray/feral cats need to be spayed/neutered, too.  This is the way they’re going to have to be caught (the Hav-a-Hart humane trap).  We’ll see how that goes and which of them will “take the bait.”  I’m on cat-catching break for a few days.  I don’t look forward to the trapping at all.  It’s stressful for all concerned.


And how is Tony celebrating the vernal equinox?  Here is the view from his room in Guangzhou.  I guess the haze isn’t all pollution; it’s also extreme humidity, a little bit of a difference from our dry desert environment in AZ where the sky is almost always very, very blue.


He’s heading back to Hong Kong for the weekend so maybe he’ll send some more pics and maybe we’ll get to Skype again.

Happy Vernal Equinox!



One thought on “Vernal Equinox Upcoming

  1. Well I like the way the candles look. It looks unpolished aand natural (at least for me). And the flowers look great against the back wall (or fence?). I like the contrast.
    Happy spring, by the way.


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