It’s Spring!

Hope that spring is making its appearance wherever you are…


The above photo is done with the same Photoshop technique I discussed in my very first blog post waaaaaay back in the middle of February.  The following picture was taken yesterday, on the vernal equinox.  Notice the beautiful Arizona sky, which is the norm here, behind the mesquite branches. 


If you’re following Tony’s travels, he is back in Hong Kong for an international weekend before heading back to Guangzhou. This is his hotel. He said it’s basically a resort: good food and good coffee, which he doesn’t get in China, so he is enjoying the break.




Yes, it’s pretty much hazy there throughout the summer, apparently.

I hope you’re enjoying the beginnings of spring.



One thought on “It’s Spring!

  1. Your PS technique on the first image is cool – it looks like a paperweight. I like the architecture of the hotel your Tony is staying in, and his shote of HK are interesting. I really like your header photo! Thanks for the comment today!


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