Thoreau said, “The wind that blows is all that anybody knows.”  Is that true?  I know that this kite was in one of our trees when I got home from work.  I also am pretty sure it’s going to be up there for awhile.  It’s at least 30 feet high in a tree with no low branches.  I think it might belong to the kids across the street but no one has come knocking on the door yet; I guess they know it’s not going anywhere on its own.


It’s going to take some effort to get it out of there; it’s very tangled, and the end of the string is nowhere in sight.


WB isn’t at all concerned with the limbs crashing down around him.


But Ebony is laying low, a little worried about all the racket. Is his tail a sail?



The branches are swaying on the big pine, too, but it’s very sturdy (I think).


Winds are currently 30 mph, gusting to 42 mph, and the Cat’s Claw blooms are all over the yard.  The wind chimes are ringing, the tree limbs are scraping the roof, the wind is howling–another good night to be safe at home with a bunch of cuddly cats.



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