Jet Lag


Tony is back from China–he has jet lag.  We went out to dinner last night, hung out, and then he slept for many hours.  The cats are happy he’s back but none of their celebratory photos came out.

So, it was a day spent around the house and in the yard. I’ve pretty much shown you everything in my yard over the last couple of weeks.  These were just taken a few minutes ago while I was out watering.



One last, lingering look at beautiful Shenzhen in mainland China.  Tony may have to return in 3-4 months.


Tony’s sister, Rosie, sent this photo of what their yard looked like yesterday (in the Chicago area) entitled “Why Tony Left…” It is kind of pretty, though…in a picture. I guess, since it’s technically spring, that midwesterners are getting tired of the winter weather.


And then there’s our sky in AZ (sorry if yours isn’t similar). The wind is picking up again, though, just like the other night.




2 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. i went to reply on this the other day but my account wasnt signed in and then i was too lazy to re type i t:P

    i really love that hummingbird feeder! And its good that Tony is home from Hong Kong safe 🙂 I cant believe people can live like that! That city is huge, and look at that nasty smog 😦 Im a northern girl, only clean fresh air up here! Also no real cities for 8 hours in either direction 😛


  2. I know they have a bad pollution problem in Hong Kong and China because they don’t have regulations like we do but I guess it doesn’t look as bad as this all the time. In the summer, it clears out some. Unfortunately, he’ll probably have to go back in the summer so he’ll see if that’s true.


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