Happy Easter!



Grace is not just a beautiful church…

“…Grace Lutheran is the oldest Lutheran church in Phoenix…Built between 1928 and 1929 by architect Vere Wallingford (who also did Good Samaritan Hospital) and builder William Peper at a cost of $48,000…Gothic revival style, cruciform plan (cross-like shape), stained glass windows, buttressed walls, clerestories (vertical windows set high in the walls), unmatched towers and gabbleroof…Remodeled in 1960 for $120,000…Historic Preservation designation.” 

It also has a huge community outreach program serving the disadvantaged and homeless in the downtown Phoenix area.  Grace serves pancake breakfasts every Sunday as well as, in partnership with another organization, breakfasts Monday through Friday, some lunches, and a heat respite program in the summer when Phoenix weather becomes unbearable. They provide toiletries, clean socks, warm jackets, sweatshirts, and blankets for their guests.

It has been honored as a “distinguished parish”~ and has won a City of Phoenix Human Service Award, but it holds a singular distinction in the entire nation. It is the only church in America that sponsors a federally funded family planning clinic. Professors and students from Arizona State University’s College of Nursing staff the clinic, Breaking the Cycle.

Grace is what a church should be.



5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. What a wonderful church. The communuty outreach program sounds incredible. Do you attend there?
    Glad you had a wonderful Easter.


  2. Kelli, that’s awesome! I first became aware of Grace a year ago when I participated in the Breaking the Cycle fundraiser, “Art for Health.” It’s coming up again soon and I’m hoping to be accepted again. If I am, I’ll be blogging about it 🙂


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