My Florist

Three friends (Jere, Barb, Jan) and I, who used to work together, meet for our birthdays (as well as other times).  For years, we have exchanged gifts over dinner and have enjoyed both giving and receiving.  This year we decided that, because of the economy, we would disband the gift-giving and reconsider it again in 2010. Instead, we are making charitable donations to animal organizations in the birthday person’s name since we are all animal lovers.  All charities are having a difficult time of it right now so, hopefully, our small donations will benefit them a little.  We did also give the birthday celebrators a very small token gift so they would have something to open.


Tonight we celebrated Barb’s and Jan’s birthdays at My Florist in central Phoenix. My Florist is…oddly enough…a former flower shop where they also make Willo Bread, which is used by many restaurants in town. It’s an attractive restaurant with delicious food but a little pricier than we had hoped. They also have a piano player some nights but not tonight…at least not while we were there.


The recipient organizations for tonight’s birthdays were The Arizona Humane Society and Liberty Wildlife. We were still able to enjoy each other’s company and some good food and drink so who needs any other gifts?



4 thoughts on “My Florist

  1. The gift of friendship and time is the best gift of all. I really like your idea to gift a charity, especially now. Kudos to you and your friends!


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