Correos de México

Last Saturday, I was excited to receive two lovely watercolors from Angie, my blogging amiga.  Angie has a husband, two handsome sons, teaches art in a bilingual school, knits, sews, photographs, blogs, does all sorts of fun arts and crafts projects including mosaics and, obviously, she also paints very well.  I’ve learned all sorts of things about México from Angie’s blogs and emails.


Such lovely, subtle colors in her watercolors.  I especially like that Angie sent me paintings of plants native not only to her area but also to mine.

We don’t have any agave (in our yard) but we do have aloe, which is related to agave (according to my readings anyway).


WB thinks the aloe is valuable enough to guard.


I had to go into my neighbor’s yard to find a prickly pear and his poor cactus has some sort of blight for which it is being treated.


Angie has some beautiful photos on her blog that illustrate the rich culture and history of México.  This is one of my favorites: I just love the crispness of the fresh laundry against the blue sky and the timeless quality of the photo.  

¡Gracias, Angie!




2 thoughts on “Correos de México

  1. De nada, querida amiga. You’re welcome, dear friend! Although I should be the one thanking you for such kind words.
    Those aloe plants look very nice, with WB guarding them!


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