Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing for Earth Day? We’re encouraged to “think tree” and dress accordingly at work, as long as we keep it professional.  I do have just the thing to wear, a blazer that looks kind of rainforest-y with one of my butterfly pins on it.


My cousin, Deborah, sent me the most beautiful limited edition Earth Day zine she made…dedicated to trees. It’s a complexly folded little booklet, filled with all sorts of fun facts about trees, poems, tree projects, links relating to trees, illustrations, little attached envelopes with fun things inside including a bay leaf and a yummy recipe for potatoes roasted with them (easy enough that I could do!). Of course, the zine smells great with a bay leaf in it. I was going to post some photos of the zine but then realized I hadn’t asked her permission so I will just show you the cover for now. I keep coming back to this zine and poring over it.  


And Google, of course, is in the spirit of things with its doodle.


I love checking Google everyday to see if they are commemorating something and this is an especially nice doodle.

If you can’t think of anything Earthy to do but want to do something to mark the occasion, join the Earth Mosaic Project and upload a photo that you have taken during the 24 hour period of April 22, 2009.  They will then create a giant photo mosaic of the Earth for all the world to see and you will feel a part of the world community!  You have to use a photo taken on 4/22 because the EXIF data from your camera will record the date you took the pic.  It sounds fun and, hey, it can’t hurt.


Do something green,



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