A Garden Party

Well, we went to a garden party last night, which I mentioned in Thursday’s post.  It was the Downtown Chamber Series‘ 10th Anniversary Celebration.  The event was sold-out. Twelve musicians spent all day cooking and baking for 70 guests as a fundraiser for the series and then played for our listening pleasure, too.  The food and wine were great, the desserts were awesome, the music was wonderful, as always, and the setting was beautiful.  It took place in the lovely garden at the Alwun House. The Phoenix New Times recently stated that, “Alwun House arguably sired the entire downtown arts district.” The Alwun House has been around since 1971 but the big downtown arts district has only existed for the last few years.  I finally got to meet Kim Moody, the Founder and Director of Alwun House, after hearing about him for many years.



I know, flash photography, ick.


Mark Dix, Founder and Director of the Downtown Chamber Series, plays viola for the Phoenix Symphony. He works very hard planning, organizing, and working at all the (6) chamber concerts throughout the year.


The Alwun House garden is pretty yet slightly bizarre.


Thanks, Mark, and everyone, it was fun!



4 thoughts on “A Garden Party

  1. 10th Anniversary – what a great evening of aesthetic conviviality; fun and casual, but no less exquisite. Some describe Alwun House like entering a BeetleJuice set. The wine, music and conversation uplifted – and no one fell in the pond.


    1. I’ll definitely be back now that I’ve finally been there. It’s a beautiful building. Thank you for all you’ve done for the local arts community throughout the years!


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