Art for Health 2009

This coming Friday is First Friday at the downtown Phoenix galleries.  It’s also the 6th annual Art for Health fundraiser benefitting the Arizona State University Nurse-Managed Health Centers and it is held at Grace Lutheran Church, which houses one of the clinics. I have 2 photos in this juried show (that’s the limit), which is also sponsored by ASU’s Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts (from which I got my degree although it had a different name then).  Last year was the first year I participated and I was happy that both of my pieces sold.  Hopefully, the same will happen this year because, basically, if your work doesn’t sell, there are no proceeds going to the clinics.



Here’s my 2 pieces for this year, both of which I have shown on my blog before (Grackle and Bridge).



So, if you’re in Phoenix, come on over to Grace this Friday night (3rd Street and Portland) and buy some art to help fund these clinics that serve the uninsured.  Or at least, come to First Friday before the weather gets too unbearable…this may be the last pleasant month for awhile.  There are a lot of good galleries down on Roosevelt Row and the surrounding area, all within walking distance of this church.



3 thoughts on “Art for Health 2009

    1. Sad but true…neither sold. I don’t take it personally, though, because of the 60 pieces there, only about 8, at the most, sold. I mostly feel badly for the woman who organized it and for the clinics who aren’t going to get many proceeds. Everyone felt it’s because of the economy–no one is buying much art currently. Hopefully, things will improve by next year.


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