Yay, I’m off work today!  I had to deliver my photos to Art for Health this morning so I decided to take the whole day off.  Tony is off, too, so after we took the photos in, we went to Fair Trade Cafe and here I am blogging away from there while he is on his laptop. Of course, we had some of their good food along with the coffee.


Tonight my friend Cindy and I are going out to dinner to celebrate her birthday, which was last week.  Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and tomorrow is my friend Michelle’s birthday.  One more day of work tomorrow and then it’s the weekend, as well as First Friday!

Here’s Ebony, one of the many outdoor kitties, asleep in his kitty treehouse in the oleanders.  If I were a cat, this would be the perfect place to spend a spring afternoon.


Hope you’re having a relaxing fun day or have one coming up very soon!



5 thoughts on “PTO

    1. I think he likes to pretend he’s a wild jungle cat sometimes. The outdoor cats (all strays that showed up) have a lot of nice, cushy beds to sleep in, too.


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