The Perfect Phoenix Evening…

Ahh, what could be lovelier…a slight breeze, a blue sky heading into dusk, a slightly-more-than-half moon, a cold beer, a comfortable chair to sit in and listen to the birds finish their day, and watch the neighborhood wind down…



…until the one particularly annoying neighbor–everyone has one–decides to come over and fill me in on his latest feuds and crises…

I guess that’s what backyards are for…

At least there was brotherly love going on inside the house with Google and Marbles and a disapproving Abbey looking on.



Is that a little cat or a big basket? It’s an average-sized cat in a huge basket that he appropriated.


That’s a big cat on an average-sized bed.


That’s a disdainful cat.



8 thoughts on “The Perfect Phoenix Evening…

  1. You create a fine mood with your first two shots. Very nice. The kitty shots show so well how different cats basically are. I love that last picture where kitty’s true feelings are evident on her face!


  2. makes me miss having a cat. Can’t beat the pleasure and comfort of a cat, mot to mention that they wear their feelings on their paws!


  3. Love your kitty pictures! The last one reminds me of my Kitty…now my son’s Kitty. Yes, I think we all have neighbor’s like that, although mine moved around the corner a few blocks away so I don’t see him that often any more. 😉


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