Got ‘Em!

Pretty, aren’t they? They were a recent gift.


What’s that in the bowl?


Yup, we’re going! I’m in the Alumni Association and they offered tickets to members so I went and picked them up this afternoon. Commencement isn’t until evening but we have to be there early so I’m hoping it won’t be too hot.  My car thermometer said 106 degrees today around 4pm, toasty.

Anyway…I think it will be exciting; it’s not something one gets to do very often.


6 thoughts on “Got ‘Em!

  1. What a score, Candace! That will be an opportunity of a lifetime – take pictures!! You had me oooing and awwing over the pottery and them I almost forgot about it with your other news. =)


  2. gorgeous pottery. i love anything with paisley. what a great presentation for your post to tell about our tickets. have you ever worked as a photo shoot director? that seems like something a director would to. i would have just put the tickets on the table and shot them. i have to start thinking more creatively like you!


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