Remember the Earth Mosaic Project mentioned in my April 21st post? Well, it is completed and here is the finished product. It was done 2 different ways: the first used each of the 1,600 images received only once with the tagline, “Best Images.” I found my image around the border of Ecuador and Colombia. Maybe that means I should go there?


The second mosaic used the images several times to get the “Best Map.” I saw my image in the ocean once but it was too hard to look through all of them to see if and where it appeared again.


I first heard about this project on photojojo. They always have unique photo ideas, sites, projects to participate in. Last night–even though I wasn’t bored at all–I spent way too much time playing at another website they mentioned (Oddcast-Photoface) where you can take a photo of yourself (or anyone) and distort it in creepy and amusing ways including making yourself older, younger, lighter, heavier, add some audio, and send the animated finished product to your friends. Hours of fun…

Speaking of fun and Earth Day activities, tomorrow, May 9, is World Fair Trade Day 2009. Check to see if there are any events in your area in which to participate. I’ll probably, at the least, go to Fair Trade Cafe where all their coffee and other merchandise are fair trade. If you don’t know of a place like Fair Trade, even Starbucks offers some fair trade coffee and is supposedly doubling their purchase for 2009. You can request they brew you a cup or you can buy a bag of your own.

In his book, Giving, Bill Clinton mentions and I recently came across it on some other blogs. Kiva lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world–empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. You loan as little as $25, receive updates, and get repaid as the business succeeds. You can read about Kiva first-hand experiences on these blogs: How I Changed the World Today (a blog I find totally fascinating because the writer does something to change the world every single day) and Kiva Stories from the Field.

And to end this medley on an entirely unrelated note, here are 2 photos taken with my point and shoot while waiting in a drive-thru line: the first was shot through the windshield, the second out the moonroof:

Crumble Wall


Happy World Fair Trade Day!



4 thoughts on “Medley

  1. I have known of for a couple years now and can’t believe I still haven’t participated by making a donation — this is the jumpstart I need to get over there and simply “do it!” …thanks for the reminder — love those two graphic photos.


  2. I’ve heard of, too. Sounds like a great thing to do. How fun to be able to find your photo in all that map madness! I must have missed your post on that one. Lots of good links!


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