Fish Eye

Not that kind of fisheye. Tony (and the cats) gave me a new fisheye lens today. My battery died before I got many pictures taken so they’re kind of lame…for experimentation purposes only.


Vinca on patio

Those are vinca, in the foreground, one of the few flowering plants that can withstand the Phoenix summer. Boxwood, in the back, also does well but only flowers rarely.

Umbrella 180

Look for more fisheyes to come!

Non Fisheye cat pics:

Abbey in Blue Chair

Goog in Tent 2

Mar in Sun

Hope you have a good Monday!



7 thoughts on “Fisheye

  1. Your cats are awesome! My Gracie Mae is lonely, but I do cuddle and play with her a lot. Hopefully that makes up for her only-critter-in-the-house status.

    Sadly, I cannot use a fisheye on my current camera. My old camera died this past Thursday evening, and I had to replace it asap for sake of my blog. Not knowing what direction to take, I simply purchased a Canon SX10-IS until I could figure out what to do next. I struggled a lot yesterday getting good photos in mostly low light with the SX10-IS. Sigh…perhaps I made a mistake in buying it.


  2. oh, the kitty’s tent is very cute, do the cats find it comfy to sleep in or is it just another hang-out for them?


    1. Actually, they seldom use it. Google, who is in it in this photo, just discovered it recently even though it’s been sitting out his whole 9 months of living here. Abbey gets in it about once a year and I’ve never seen Marbles in it. My mom got it for her cat and he never used it so she sent it to me. It must not appeal to cats even though I think it’s really cute 🙂


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