3 Digit Temps

Planet thing

We’re in the midst of several continuous days with over 100 degree temperatures and may break the May record. Yippee, that’s never good news in Phoenix. Two more days until the Obama Event at ASU where we will be standing outside in the beating sun for several hours waiting to get through security. I’m hoping–and thinking–it will all be worth it in the end but…with the constant chatter about it from the local media…it’s a little hard to not be slightly apprehensive. And the predicted traffic situation is a whole other issue.

These flowering plants won’t be lasting too much longer in this heat. One last blaze of glory and they’ll dry up.



The vinca will probably survive and thrive throughout the summer with a lot of water.

Vinca Close-Up

And I was excited to see today that our mesquite tree, native to the desert, had blooms on it. Although we’ve had the tree for years, we’ve never seen it bloom before (in fact, I’ve never really noticed other mesquites blooming either).

Mesquite Bloom

Today’s fisheye experiment.


Think cool, calming thoughts for us.



10 thoughts on “3 Digit Temps

  1. Ah if only we could mix your weather with our weather together we’d come up with something much more moderate. We’re in SINGLE digit weather; in fact it snowed overnight.

    I adore that beautiful mini garden globe that is in that swirly copper. And what a lovely shot of your pelargonium … I see the flower will be picotee. Pelargoniums were one of my mom’s favourite annuals (well they’re annuals up here anyway :-D).

    Keep cool!


  2. I like the hanging art work in the first shot. The color is very nice. I always like the blossom shots and these are very interesting. Good luck on staying cool during the Obama event.


  3. You have hit the warm temps quite early. Fortunately I can seek refuge near the coast on very hot days.
    I hope you find some shade and cool and wish you to have a great event. Looking forward to reading about it.


    1. It’s true that the dry heat isn’t as bad. In July and August, our humidity is higher and it’s pretty miserable then. Makes the regular old 100 pluses seem almost pleasant in comparison 🙂


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