Dusk is Falling

AZ Falls Spokes

These photos were taken at Arizona Falls, a small park about 4 miles from my house on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border. I pass it going to and from work everyday.  Located on the canal, it is also a functional hydroelectric plant that furnishes power for 150 homes.

The colors are all natural.  Algae does wonderful things.

AZ Falls Spokes not close

Niagara Falls, it’s not, but it’s an interesting little place to go. It even has a dance floor upstairs and it’s open 24 hours a day so you can dance under the stars, if you want.

AZ Falls Closeup Falls

From behind the above falls, the opposite side of the canal looks like an Impressionist painting.

AZ Falls Impressionism

The place is a little eerie–there’s never anyone around but a guard upstairs reading the paper–with the sound of rushing water underground.

AZ Falls Tunnel Closeup

Not much chance of being swept away…

AZ Falls Grid on Grid

This will give you an idea of the scale–not very large.

AZ Falls Distance

It was originally built in the early 1900s and then was closed for over 50 years. It reopened in 2003 as a public art project, WaterWorks, as well as a power plant.

AZ Falls Sign 2

The setting sun made the falls glisten…

AZ Falls Sunset

Dusk was falling and I got outta there…before the humidity, the fishy smell, and the eeriness got the better of me. But, all in all, I think it was a successful photo op…and the fourth in my urban park series.



16 thoughts on “Dusk is Falling

    1. Andre, I think it looks very nice the way you cropped it. I guess the reason I didn’t crop it inititally was because I liked the first 4 photos much better and I really only included the final one to give the perspective of it being dusk and time to leave. But now that you have cropped it, I do like it more as a stand-alone photo…however I do still like the other 2 shots of the waterfall better.


  1. hello.

    thanks for stopping by my photo blog. you have left such generous and thoughtful comments. it’s so nice to get those! i really appreciate it. and i’m glad you stopped by so that i could discover a new blog and a new blogger. i’m always happy to find new blogs with photography! i look forward to perusing through your photos now.

    these are so neat of the waterfall—especially that last one!

    have a great Wednesday!


  2. A fine series. I like going to the larger version to see the detail and get the impact a larger picture provides. Excellent photography.


  3. Do you feel like blogging is making you stop to look at things differently? These are a great series of shots. I didn’t know this place existed!


    1. Yes, I think blogging is basically journaling so, yes, I think about things differently. I also take more photos so I’ll have something to post. Otherwise, I used to think about taking photos but didn’t feel driven to do so…which is a good thing. They’re not always good photos but it’s fun to have a creative outlet and a “purpose,” as well as a reason to try to get one’s thoughts focused.


  4. the pics of water are amazing- you captured great light on them without too much shine- the first 2 photos are gorgeous with the algae giving it that extra splash of colour. lovely work 🙂


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