Gloomy Photo Friday

It’s good when it rains here in AZ and it’s rained quite a bit the last couple of days. It also made the triple digit temperatures go away and they won’t be back for a few days which is also a good thing. But it makes for bad photos. Some bloggers only post their really beautiful photos…but I’m not proud, here are some of my gloomy weather photos over the last few days.

Some day–I’m going to get a really good photo of a hummingbird…but not today.

Hummer in Tree

The clouds began rolling in a few nights ago.

Shapes in the Sky

These little petals are all over my yard from my neighbors’ bush. I don’t know what they are.

Dry petals

Fisheye Friday:

Google Fisheye

Mustang 1



5 thoughts on “Gloomy Photo Friday

    1. The gloomy weather can certainly contribute to that feeling. I had all sorts of things I was going to do today but, with the rain and clouds, I didn’t feel like it. A lot of people in AZ really like when it’s gloomy because it’s such a difference, but not me. I’m pretty sure you’re correct that they are bougainvillea. I forgot that someone around here has a bougainvillea. I hope you feel better and up again soon!


  1. Enjoyed your gloomy weather shots. I remember the rains in Utah and Wyoming in the high desert country. They were really refreshing and smelled great… on other days in the summer time there would be lots of rain but it never hit the ground – virga. In the meantime an oppressive humidity is setting in here… enjoy that dry air.


  2. I like your gloomy weather pictures. I tried for a hummingbird shot this week at a feeder…it was so so and nothing to post! 🙂 I love kitty whose expression promises revenge later! The bulbous car is a hoot! Very nice series.


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