A Brighter Day

Ebony Roof 2

It rained again in the middle of the night but the morning was clear and bright again.  All the critters were out including our cadre of outdoor kitties, most of whom spent the last couple of days in the carport and other outdoor covered areas. Ebony was happy to be able to roll around on the carport roof again.

Ebony Roof 1

And his sister, Ivory, was scampering around on the neighbor’s roof.

Ivory Roof

She has a tipped ear, as do most of our outdoor neutered cats, so that people will know they have already been fixed. The vet forgot to tip Ebony’s ear. Ebony and Ivory used to be feral but are now tame.  This is their sister, Edie, who is still semi-feral. We can touch her tail sometimes but that’s about it…she’s shy. Edie still needs to be spayed.

Edie Sidewalk

WB is their grandpa or great-grandpa or great uncle or something related…definitely not their dad, his neutering preceded their existence.  He just woke up.

WB Sleepy

Jessi was dumped in our neighborhood several months ago and now lives in our yard, too.

Jessi Car

Last night there were 11 outdoor cats for dinner. A couple belong to neighbors, the others live in the alleys closeby and know where the food is, and the rest live mostly in our yard.

The mockingbirds love to taunt and divebomb the cats. Unfortunately, occasionally the cats win. I guess that’s urban nature. This guy was enjoying the early morning sun, too.

Mockingbird Cropped 1

If you don’t like cats, I guess you won’t like these photos 🙂



12 thoughts on “A Brighter Day

  1. my partner and i just saw these and a collective “awwwww” came out. i think ivory and wb are my faves but they are all super cute! the tipped ear adds to ivory’s cute factor plus her stance in the photo makes her look just adorable! thanks for posting! good on you for looking after them all, you should be very proud 🙂


  2. Love the photos of your cats. I love cats also, but right now the three kittens we have are driving us crazy (but they still are cute)!!
    Never heard of ear tipping either.
    Have a great week, Candace!


  3. What great cats! Ivory is beautiful! She reminds me of my old cat so much!

    I love all cats but there’s just something about black and white cats!


  4. That’s so true! They do look alike for the most part! Are they actually from the same family/litter (not Jessi, obviously)?


    1. Yes, Ebony, Ivory, and Edie are all littermates. Their mom is Isabella, a feral neighborhood cat. She’s all black like Jessi. There are several black cats in the neighborhood and I think some of them are related. I’m pretty sure WB is related to the other 3 black and whites as a grandfather, great uncle, something. There is another black and white feral male cat, Edison, who also is probably related to all of them somehow.


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