How Are You Spending Your Summer Vacation?

Summer Vacation

Memorial Day has passed so even though it’s not officially summer, for all practical purposes, it has begun…especially in Phoenix. Do you have a fun trip or trips planned? Visiting family? Going to the beach? A stay-cation? Just some relaxing with good books and good friends? Going to a lot of summer movies? A lot of happy hours? Working on some interesting creative projects?

The above is a mail art pass-along I started many years ago (looks like 1997)–just a postcard that had the car and the title on it to begin with. I sent it to one person who sent it to another (who sent it to another) and eventually it came back to me looking like this. Kinda makes me want to go on a road trip everytime I look at it.

I’ll be visiting Indiana (and Chicago) at some point but haven’t narrowed down the dates yet.  Maybe Tony and I will take some day or weekend Arizona trips.  I need to give my camera a workout and get some different perspectives and new vistas.  We’re being more than encouraged at work to take additional time off this summer and I am more than willing to comply.


What are you going to do?



6 thoughts on “How Are You Spending Your Summer Vacation?

  1. An interesting and provocative post. Now the ball is in my court and I don’t know what I’m doing this summer! 🙂 Think don…. think!


  2. I’m also being encouraged at my job to take some extra time off this year (translation: mandatory pay reduction in exchange for reduced work schedule) and I’m planning to use my time pursuing one form of art or another. I might visit some local art galleries or museums or just hole up in my studio and create to my heart’s content.


    1. Yes, I’m just glad to keep my job so if I have to take extra time off, that’s okay–hopefully, I can work it to my advantage. I like being off–I just don’t want to be permanently off. Sounds like you are going to work it to your advantage, too 🙂


  3. I hope to go visit my parents and enjoy some time with them. They are getting quite old now, and their days are more precious than ever.

    I will see the surgeon on Monday, and I suspect he will schedule my surgery for sometime within the next couple of weeks. Somehow I have to make it through all of that and still find some enjoyment in my summer.


    1. Tabbie, I’m sure the waiting and anticipation are very stressful. Once it’s actually over, then you can just relax and recover. The summer’s young so I hope you have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of it…and then it will all be behind you.


  4. Vacation for me this year will be in late August for my son’s wedding. My mom will be flying out and we’ll have a few days after all the wedding hubbub. Cool idea with the post card!


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