Wishes Do Come True

To update my previous post, Edie and her kittens headed to Blistered Whiskers, a wonderful nonprofit street kitten rescue, today. There had been a slight miscommunication in that I was not originally aware that I had to take Edie to the rescue, too. Edie is feral and, although we worked to get our little outdoor feral colony spayed/neutered this past spring, Edie did not get fixed. On May 9, she had 4 kittens which she set up residence with in our side yard. I was able to easily pick up the kittens who, even though they could barely walk without falling over, were somehow getting around the barrier I had set up to contain them from harm. They were wandering into the carport, which is very dangerous, and getting closer to the street, also very hazardous to a baby kitten. I felt they needed to be out of here fast.

Edie’s side yard refuge:

Sideshot oleanders

This is the barrier I made that didn’t work for very long for little, inquisitive kittens.

Barrier oleanders

I only found out last night that Blistered Whiskers would not accept the kittens without Edie and I was very upset and concerned about their welfare. I didn’t think I could catch Edie easily and I didn’t want to release the kittens back into my yard but I had nowhere else to take them. Last night I backed up the cat trap to the carrier that I had the kittens in and –good mommy that she is–she went into the trap within a couple of hours to try to get to her babies. So Blistered Whiskers accepted them even though they are over their capacity. I did give them a generous donation which is why they made this exception (they need $$). Edie is now resting in air-conditioned comfort with her kittens in a nice, big cage with a hammock at a very clean, caring place with other mamacats and their babies.

Heading to Blistered Whiskers:

Cat Rescue on the Road

Poor, scared Edie:

Beseeching Edie

Kittens Heading Out

These 4 little kittens, after they are weaned, and reach 2 pounds, will be spayed/neutered and put up for adoption through the group’s website and at some Petsmart locations. They are among the fortunate ones. Phoenix is very hot and this year’s kitten season is especially bad. These little guys will never know how lucky they are to escape the fate of an uncared-for street cat. Edie herself, will remain with them for another 2-3 weeks, get spayed, and will come back here to live with my other outside cats, who also have it pretty good, comparatively speaking. Edie likes it here and I think she will be glad to come home to her extended family once her kittens have grown up a little.

The kittens are very cute but I am more relieved than sad to see them go. This group screens applicants and charges an adoption fee so they should get responsible homes. If you live in the Phoenix area and are a cat lover, this group does a lot of good and can use donations. Times are rough for small nonprofits.

Oh, and one other thing, this group needs a photographer so I offered my photography services to them which, coincidentally, is #2 on my list of how photography can change the world in my May 16 post (and I’m blogging about them which is #4). We’ll see how that goes, I’m more than willing but it took me an hour to get to this place today and, if all their activities are on that side of town, I don’t know how often I can be available.

Now I can put all my cat rescue stuff away for awhile–I hope–and get back to taking photos and doing other, more fun things.

Clean-up time:

Cat Carriers

And Marbles says, “Good, you can get back to paying more attention to me and the other indoor cats.”

Marbles Closeup

Thanks for your good thoughts (and prayers and wishes) for the kittens. And thanks to my friend, Jere, who actually reads this blog, and read a newspaper article about Blistered Whiskers and told me about them. All of the other groups I knew about were not accepting kittens at all. This could have had a far different outcome.



11 thoughts on “Wishes Do Come True

  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. My sister was a champion of cats. She spent countless hours rescuing feral cats and doing volunteer work for various animal welfare groups in Southern California prior to her sudden and untimely death.


    1. Tabbie, your sister was very special. I could never do feral cat rescue all the time–it’s very stressful worrying about the poor little things. I always admire the people who spend all these hours out in strange places setting and watching traps, transporting them, releasing them. It’s so nice that these groups are here for people but, of course, there are still so many more animals that need help and don’t get it.


  2. I’m so happy everything worked out in the end. i hope the kittens end up being adopted by great families who will take care of them as well as you have taken care of Edie and the rest of your gorgeous cat family!


  3. oh, good. i’m glad they are all safe and sound. is that marbles in the last picture? if so, what a cute cat!

    i’m growing more and more fond of cats the older i get. a lot of my friends and family have them, and i just like them more than ever. i used to have a few when i was little, but then i got away from having pets.


    1. Yes, that is Marbles. We adopted him with his name–they named him that because the mark on his face resembles a cat’s-eye marble. He’s 11 now, still as active as a young cat, always getting into trouble.


  4. A fine series of pictures and real life story to accompany them that makes this a fine post. What a fine, humane effort to save these kittens.


  5. Marbles has the kind of eyes that you need to get in real close for a close up shot. Nice work on rounding up the kitty’s. Blistered Whiskers, they are not into cat juggling I hope. 🙂


  6. Reminds me of a philosophers phrase:

    I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man” ~M. Gandhi (1869-1948)


    1. That’s a great quote, Unilove! Here’s another along those lines:

      “I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.” ~ Abraham Lincoln


  7. I didn’t realize I’d missed so many days, Candace! As I was reading, and you kept saying that you had to bring Edie in with the kittens, I was so afraid that you weren’t going to be able catch her or bring her home or something bad. I’m glad it worked out.


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