Fisheye Friday and Spoiler

Back at Dreamy Draw…I went back tonight (meaning Thursday evening) for a quick drive-thru…I’m fascinated with it.

Fisheye Car and Mtns

That’s the backside of the dam itself above the sign, a little to the left, the long straight area. I realized I didn’t have a photo of the dam from the first day I went there so I had to get one.

Fisheye DDD

Then on I went to the next park in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Piestewa Peak. That’s the city in the little dip in the mountains (click twice to enlarge).

Fisheye Squaw Peak

But here’s the eerie thing…and it’s totally true…while at the Dam, I saw a UFO! I had my fisheye lens on at that point and had already switched lenses once so I got out my binoculars and looked at it. It sort of had a balloon shape but it was bright and translucent. After I left the second park, when it was almost dark, I noticed the object was still in the sky and pulled into a parking light to try to photograph it. At this point, I did switch lenses and put my telephoto back on.


I got home and it was still there…by this time I had seen it for about an hour and a half…and it hadn’t appeared to move. Even though the sun was now down, it was still glowing in the sky. Tony came out and we both looked at it through binoculars. We just don’t know what it was. We went into the house for a few minutes, came back out, and it was gone!

This is the photo enlarged as much as it could be before becoming pixelated. That’s the way it looked through the binoculars.

UFO Cropped

I’ve been looking on the internet to see if I can see if someone else noticed it. I don’t know, maybe it’s just a balloon of some sort…a weather balloon, maybe…

What do you think?

UPDATE: It was a NASA research balloon, weighing about 4,000 pounds, seen by many people. Apparently, a similar one was spotted over Phoenix in May. That’s kind of cool in itself. It was just weird that I first spotted it over the dam where I was specifically looking for UFO “evidence.”



9 thoughts on “Fisheye Friday and Spoiler

  1. woh! i don’t know what to think! it definitely is not identifiable. i seems like i have seen photos or footage on tv with similar shaped lights. it’s such an odd shape, you know. goodness, how cool that you captured it on camera. please update us if you find out that anyone else saw it. kind of cool, if you ask me.


  2. Just how totally cool is that?! Itz wayyyy koo! Way to go NASA! It’s wonderful that you caught it with your camera and at Dreamy Draw no less! Next time maybe you will see the real thing! 😉


    1. Tabbie, I hope/fear so…the balloon was way cool, though, the size of a football field and it was actually over Prescott, AZ, when we saw it, which is 100 plus miles away.


  3. Too cool – great addition to the mystery of the true origins of the dam. Because like someone else said, you can’t believe everything “they” say. 😉


  4. Candace,

    This is quite obviously a giant floating incandescent light bulb and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I can’t explain how it was plugged in though because a cord should be visible.


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