Someday this~

coffee plant 2

coffee plant 1

will yield this~

coffee beans 1

which will yield this~

coffee cup 1

I hope.

The cats (well, okay, I did) got Tony an arabica coffee plant for Father’s Day. I ordered it from Amazon, very inexpensive, and it arrived packed in a box filled with shipping peanuts a couple of days later.

“The coffee plant, cultivated on farms for its beans, is also commonly grown as a houseplant for its dark green, glossy foliage. Although it is not practical to grow indoors solely for coffee, the plant does flower and produce enough beans for a pot or two of coffee after three or four years.”

So we have a bit of a wait and it might be a challenge because coffee plants do require a lot of humidity and this is Arizona (translate “dry heat”). They’re also prone to scale and there were some little chew marks (or something) on a couple of the leaves when it arrived. So I washed its leaves with soap and water and am keeping it isolated from my other plants. We also have to hope it’s not appealing to cats.

But, if all goes well, someday we’ll have grown our own pot of coffee! And I hope to blog about it.

From a little book of poetry Starbucks put out a few years ago entitled Poems from the Coffee Lands:

When Between Us

Ana Cristina Cesar

When between us there was just
a letter certain to come
the train the tracks
the window open
a certain landscape
without stones or
my high heel
the glass of water
the wait for coffee



13 thoughts on “Arabica

  1. The growing of the coffee plant sounds like fun. I did not do it this year but I like to start all kinds of plants from seen indoors in the winter time to plant outside in the spring.


  2. i don’t think i’ve ever seen an actual coffee plant even in a picture. i’m very familiar with the look of the beans—raw or roasted, but i’ve never seen the plant itself. oh, how i love coffee. i’m drinking it right now as i type this comment. 🙂

    i hate to say it, but it is a drug i depend on. but hey, it’s legal, so that’s okay, right?

    i love the poem, too. my husband just wrote a song that have lyrics that refer to coffee. something about “. . . your coffee’s getting cold . . .”


  3. I’ve never seen a coffee plant, it’s glossy leaves are very enticing! I wonder if it’ll grow indoors in the NW…I’ve tried citrus, which didn’t survive! Great photo story!!


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