Today was a little hot (106) to be driving around in a convertible in Phoenix but there she was, a couple of blocks from my house.

Convertible 1

Good thing there wasn’t much traffic because she didn’t have her eyes on the road.

Convertible 2

What’s she doing?

Water Skier

Oh, it’s not real! It’s a trompe l’oeil, part of this mural~

Mural Long Shot

which goes on and on down the street~

Mural Longer Shot

It’s all part of this building’s property.

Wave on Bldg 2

Wave on Bldg

X Gate Close

Pretty colorful for a commercial building. We used to see the artist painting this mural, little by little, in the evenings a few years ago. I was never quite sure what the nature of this company’s business was but I think it might be vacant now. It has an “Available” sign out front, kind of a shame after all the work they put into it. It’s right in the midst of a residential neighborhood very close to our house.

So, my plan to get a lot of photo fodder stored up didn’t work last weekend and now that it has gotten so hot, after being really nice most of June here, I don’t know how much I will photograph this weekend either. Good intentions don’t always pan out. It makes it really hard to blog without any photos and, in fact, it’s been 3 days since my last post for just that reason. I’ve got the words, just not the pics.

Hope you have a fun, productive weekend.



16 responses to “Trompe-l’oeil

  1. You must live in a fun place….the sky is SO blue.
    106 degrees….that’s pretty hot! WOW!

  2. oh, how cool is this? so colorful—your pictures are really clear and vibrant.

    it’s funny, ’cause for a split second, i thought that was actually a real car. 🙂

    it’s not quite 106 here, but it has been much hotter than they said it would be on the weather report. we keep waiting for it to cool down. i hate it, ’cause it’s forced me to stay inside—something i’m not used to doing in the summer. 😦

    stay cool, dear. have a great rest of the weekend.

  3. Really neat stuff and great photos, Candace… very humorous too.

  4. When that first image loaded, I thought it was really a car! Great captures – the mural is really cool, in those hot, hot, temps. You could always do what I do and spread your photos out to one a day. 🙂

    Stay inside where it is air conditioned and look around your home. I bet you have something to photograph.

    • That might work for awhile but we’ve got another 3-4 months of this weather now so I don’t have that much to photograph inside 🙂 I’ve thought about posting less per day but there always seems to be a story to tell so I need to use several.

  5. Strange but interesting; something to wonder about! How I remember those 100+ days in the Valley of the Sun and what it was like to venture outside in that heat! Here today it was 81° and we thought that was hot. This afternoon I retreated to the higher country where it was much cooler.

  6. Excellent pics: such clarity and color 🙂 Nice work 🙂

  7. The first picture fooled me! 🙂 That heat is too much to be out trying to see a shot. I don’t have that reason, but I too and very low of pictures. You had a great series today. Very nice.

  8. I was fooled too, thinking the car was real, but I thought the driver looked like a mannequin. If it were that hot here, I’d get up & out early to photograph before 10am!!

  9. That’s so great that you could turn a roadside scene into several really fun images. Good eyes!

  10. Man you’ve got some cool stuff in your hood.

    By the way, the blonde in the convertible’s a hoot. We can only hope she’s parked, perhaps waiting for her girlfriends to get in the car. If she is, in fact, driving, well, at least she’s not texting.

    • Yeah, at least she isn’t texting. But if you look at any of the first 4 photos enlarged, you can see that a tow rope is attached to the end of the car and she is pulling the boy. So I think she is driving while watching the boy. Safety first.

  11. Brilliant pics 🙂

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