The Practice

Studio for Rehearsal

Pretty little building, isn’t it? This is where Tony’s band (blues and rock ‘n roll) rehearses, which is part of the property of one of the band members. I went along with him on Sunday because there was a party after practice.

Drum and Cymbal

Jim Playing

Tony Playing 3

Kathy Guitar

Today I had jury duty and we had to hoof it around downtown from court to court in the unbearable heat. Shade was not at all present so it was reasonably unpleasant. I wasn’t chosen for a jury so tomorrow it’s back to the old grind.

But it’s a short work week! And so is next week! There are some good things about summer.



14 thoughts on “The Practice

  1. that building is so great! from the outside, it looks like the kind of place i would love to make a little summer retreat—with open windows, fans blowing, lots of pillows, piles of books and magazines.

    but a place for a band to practice works too. 🙂

    that is what my husband would have done with it.

    i am wowed by the color of your outdoor shots lately. the green of the grass and trees and the blue of the sky are so rich and vibrant!


  2. You must be a cool Mom if the Son lets you come to the same party. Cool shots. Being from Texas I will have to go with the shot of the steal guitar as my favorite!


  3. I don’t play musical instruments though I would LOVE to. I’m always drawn to people who play and love getting photos of them too 🙂 Great shots!


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