Pines, Not Palms

Pine on road 2

Tony’s band had a Fourth of July gig just south of Flagstaff. Today, as we headed home early, attempting to beat all the traffic heading back to the Valley, we made a short stop along the way. The scenery is much different than what we see at home.

Welcome forest sign

Stand of pine

It’s eat or be eaten in the forest. This is the only wildlife we saw…remnants.

Bones on ball

But the wildflowers were pretty.

Little pink white flowers

Little yellow flowers

Field of Daisies

There are sunflowers growing wild all over northern Arizona but I didn’t get any photos of them as the only ones I saw were along the freeway and we couldn’t just pull over. A couple of streets over, someone has a big crop of them in their front yard so I’m going to have to go over there and shoot theirs. I love sunflower photos!



10 thoughts on “Pines, Not Palms

  1. A nice series of forest and wildflowers. I always like seeing the wild flowers. I bought a book for identification of wildflowers, but there are so many that are alike that I haven’t made much progress! 🙂


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