Back to the Forest


I was going to hold off on more forest photos for a few days but my shoot after work tonight didn’t pan out for a couple reasons: I couldn’t remember where the thing I wanted to photograph was and I had to take a sick kitty to the vet. Jessi, one of the outdoor cats, has a foreign body in her esophagus and they have to scope and remove it Wednesday. Poor little cat, wish her luck.

So, it’s back to the forest today. From reading Montucky’s blog, I think I can actually identify something we saw. I believe this is a Yellow Salsify, also known as Western Goat’s Beard.

Fluff ball

And from the top…not a big dandelion, after all. Right, Montucky?

Fluff Ball Top

And from down below…

Pines and sky fisheye

This area of the forest in today’s and Sunday’s posts is not as dense or tall as a lot of the forest around Flagstaff. We don’t know if it has been logged or what the reason might be. The altitude is approximately 6,600 feet while it’s almost 7,000 feet in Flagstaff. It was cold enough to wear a jacket on Saturday night and, with temperatures expected to be 116 this weekend, that will be a very fond memory.

Pine on road


11 thoughts on “Back to the Forest

  1. oh, i would have guessed it was a dandelion for sure. you learn something new every day! these are all great shots—i love the views and perspectives. look up. look down. look out. i love it! and the torch photo is so cool. the flame is just so neat—what makes the photo!


  2. That is a wonderful photo of the torch! I think Montucky’s blog also shows the little yellow spurred flowers which are shown in your previous post. They are Toadflax. 🙂


  3. Right, Candace! They are fun to shoot, aren’t they!

    You brought back many memories of the cool weather above the rim and the contrast of the heat in Phoenix. With your forecast of 116 for the weekend I probably shouldn’t mention that we didn’t get out of the 60’s today here.


  4. Yeah, that’s yellow salsify all right… If you are into natural decorations, take a seed head and spray paint it gold… you might be surprised at the results…


  5. We have the giant dandelions, yellow salsify, here, too. I just didn’t know what the name was. The flower is kind of cool – it follows the light. The flower head closes up at night and opens in the daylight.


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