Reaching for the Sun

Bring me then the plant that points to those bright Lucidites swirling up from the earth,
And life itself exhaling that central breath!
Bring me the sunflower crazed with the love of light.

Eugenio Montale

SF 7

Nothing quite captures the feeling of summer like a sunflower, does it? I don’t see them too often in Phoenix so I had been eyeing a bunch of them at a house a couple of streets away. Yesterday, I went and “stole” some shots from their yard. I was thinking of asking the homeowner if I could photograph them but they were just pulling out of their driveway as I got there so I decided to go for it since the flowers were close to the front sidewalk and I didn’t need to trespass.

SF 1

SF 3

The summer heat has been taking its toll on them because they looked decidedly more wilted than a few days ago when I was looking at them.

SF 4

SF 5

Sunflower saturation~but I might not have the opportunity to photograph anymore this summer…not in Phoenix, anyway.

SF 6

“Crazed with the love of light,” I love that!



11 thoughts on “Reaching for the Sun

  1. Sunflowers make fine subjects. I’m glad you got to shoot these while you could. I’m not going to pick a favorite this time. Nice saturation and the blue sky adds to the impact. Well done.


  2. I’m with Terry, the second to last one is my fave. I love sunflowers, too. I don’t know why, but I never think to plant any. While these may be feeling the heat, you did an excellent job of capturing them!


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