Summer Means…

Besides sunflowers, roadtrips, watermelon, fireflies, ice cream cones, corn on the cob, and the beach, summer means fairs. Although the Arizona State Fair is in November and our county fair is in March, because of the heat, I grew up in the midwest so I still think of fairs as summertime fun.

These photos were taken many years ago at the Arizona State Fair with my Nikon FG and I processed and developed them in my first photo class.

Fair Slomo

ferris wheel

Lugging tripods to the fair was a little cumbersome but we had fun (the whole class went). This next one is an open shutter pan of the outside of the fairgrounds when we were leaving.

Are you going to a fair this summer? An amusement park? Riding a roller coaster while shooting photos?


What kinds of things does summer mean to you? Hot fun in the summer sun?



12 thoughts on “Summer Means…

  1. Love the photos! Were these on film? What memories.
    To me summer is putting up my feet, not worrying about going to work, and lots of reading!
    And if all this can be done in a hammock, much better!


  2. Interesting shots. That would make for a great class outing I’d think!

    Summer up here means being able to get into the high country. Also the time to get ready for winter.


  3. Great photos! I haven’t been to a county fair in years. It would be great to go to one again. I love the animals and the once-a-year food indulgences.


  4. Excellent photos and developing… neat stuff but we had our fairs in the fall too.. as for summertime, I’m reliving my boyhood, walking in the woods, exploring and generally enjoying being an earthling.


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