The Icon (and my Nikon)

Corny, huh? So it goes with the kitschy subject of this post. First, I’m excited to report that my Trompe l’Oleil post of June 26th has been featured on Wendy Vee’s Roadside Wonders. Wendy’s site is full of tacky, kitschy, big, weird, and funky roadside finds and is a fun place to visit. If you have some photos of something that fits that description, contact Wendy and she’ll probably include it on Roadside Wonders. And if you’re heading off on a summer roadtrip, check out her site for sights to see on the way!

And that gives me the perfect lead-in for a little more kitsch which, incidentally, is located about a block away from the mural mentioned above. My ‘hood is a tacky area, obviously.

MM long

MM Torso

MM Face

She is a beauty, though. She is located on a business called Truckmasters and is signed “Medina ’02.”

Got kitsch?



14 responses to “The Icon (and my Nikon)

  1. Who doesn’t love kitsch? Congrats on having your photo featured on Roadside Wonders. Very fun indeed.

  2. Not so much kitsch in New York. Maybe we take street art too seriously–looks fun.

  3. It certainly beats graffiti — and pretty much falls in the category of pinup art…

  4. She’s wonderful. Nothing wrong with kitsch, as long as it’s relatively tasteful.

  5. Your post came across well on Wendy’s site. I’d rather see murals like these any time than some of the plain walls around or those decorated, should I say, “not as nicely”.

  6. How do you spell a wolf whistle?? LOL
    What an awesome mural!

    Glad to have you in the RoadsideWonders family 🙂

  7. Oh and BTW, that’s one of the best post titles ever!

  8. Fabby!
    Love the glossy lips!

  9. beautiful murals

  10. I like the novel subject matter and the series approach to showing it. Makes an attractive, eye-catching post.

  11. i love this kind of stuff!

    well, i guess i would not love it if it were across the street or anything. but it’s okay if it’s on the side of a business or something. 🙂

    i wanted to stop by and personally thank you for your kind words on my blog. it was thoughtful of you to stop and encourage me as you did. i’m so glad to have genuine friends on the internet. it makes every minute i spend worth it. thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


  12. Great you were on Roadside Wonders. And this dame looks great! By the way, I had to look up kitsch, didn’t know what it meant. The synonym here in Mexico is “naco”.

  13. Congrats on the feature, Candace! That’s awesome!! I can’t figure out what to wear…whoa, I just nodded off and I have no idea what I was started to say! Anyway, great job. 🙂

  14. Marilyn has been posted in all of her glory at

    Thanks for sharing!

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