Jewelry is one of my favorite things but I have quite a bit so I try not to buy much anymore. However, I couldn’t resist this necklace from Shutter Sisters. It represents a vintage flashbulb (which is made from botanical bilberry–sounds very herbal, doesn’t it?) and is a symbol of the sisterhood that is shared by women with a passion for photography. Part of the proceeds benefit Girl Power Africa. Shutter Sisters has a lot of fun, interesting projects and they attempt to make a positive difference in the world.

Shutter Sisters

It was only 109 degrees today but we are heading back into a heat watch for the weekend (115 on Saturday). The monsoon season has arrived in Arizona, the time of year when we actually have some humidity, too, and that combined with the heat makes it pretty miserable. A dry heat is really a lot different than a humid heat. It’s pretty difficult to be outside for any length of time during July and August.

Crane Fan

Dust storms roll in many evenings as well as a lot of lightning and, if we’re lucky, it rains but more often than not, it just threatens to rain. The wind gusts can be very violent, blowing trees down, often knocking power out (and then it gets really hot). Brush fires can break out and sometimes develop into wild fires, which often destroy a lot of forest land. Tonight was the first big storm of the season. In our area, it only gusted a little but there were more severe storms elsewhere in the valley and the night isn’t over yet…

Patio Clouds

It’s hard to motivate yourself to go out and take many photos this time of year. Breaking out the frosty margaritas and blog surfing is pretty much all you can do…it’s really my least favorite time of the year, weather-wise.

Margarita 2

But I have some photo projects planned and may take a day roadtrip or 2 in the not-too-distant future. How are you keeping cool? Unlike me, is summer your favorite time to get out and take photos?



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  1. Funny how places have their “hard seasons” Ours is early spring…the neverending dreariness of winter that won’t go away.
    I hope you get rain and that you don’t lose power, but most of all that you get a moment for your creative outlet.


  2. We have been in the 100’s for a while here as well but cool front coming this weekend and we are suppose to drop to the upper 90’s. Break out the sweaters. 🙂


  3. I like the way you punctuate your blog with photos and visa-versa… My favorite times to get out and take photos are fall and spring because I take most outside. There is sometimes a brief lull in midsummer when the wildflowers are transitioning to late summer flowers and a lull in winter when it’s bitterly cold and dry.. (Mostly I’m prevented shooting then because I’m afraid of ruining my camera by sweating in it or because of ice crystals on the inside.) We spent about two weeks of 100+ weather but today woke up to rain and 80 degrees… heavenly.


  4. i like to take them any time of year. but it sure helps that it is warmer in the summer. although, the other night i was taking sunset pics, and i was actually shivering because it was so cold. i could not even believe it. it has not been a typical summer around here at all.

    beautiful pics! and i love that s.s. necklace! i have had my eye on it for a while!


  5. First, thank you for your visit, it is always nice to meet someone new. I lived in AZ long ago, in flagstaff, and have always had a love affair with the red earth. The summers however were always a bit brutal. My sister lives in the Mojave desert and basks in in the heat, I was always looking for a place to cool off. Here is hoping you take your trusty camera and head for the peaks of San Francisco or some place breezy, ( maybe oakcreek canyon?) the pendant is lovely!


  6. I remember having a love/hate relationship with the monsoon season in Arizona. Those hot and humid days after a rain were killers!

    We are even getting some of your heat up here this week and might hit the triple digits Saturday. It was 47° this morning though when I went for my hike.


  7. I don’t keep cool because we don’t get a lot of heat up here. We’re supposed to get a heat wave the next few days. The first time temps will hit 30 degrees (which is mid 80sF). That’s way too hot for me.
    Enjoy your Shutter Sisters necklace!


  8. Totally jealous of the SS necklace! I’ve been wanting one for a while now. I’ts been hot here, but I guess it’s relative. Not nearly as hot as you get there. It’s supposed to break 100º tomorrow, though. Great series of photos, Candace. I’ve hardly taken any photos this moth – still recuperating from the organic farm phtos.

    Thank you SO much for your starting bid on my benefit auction! You might be the only one, unless someone else gets brave and bids. 😉 I’ve sweetened the pot a bit, with some added prizes depending on how high the bids get. Regardless, send me your address and I’ll send you a little something for being willing to start things off today. 😀


  9. Wow, your photos totally rule. I LOVE monsoon season actually, sitting on the porch watching the storm roll in with a beer in my hand is one of my favorite zen things to do.


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