Breakfast Garden

The Arabica coffee plant has been appropriately repotted, giving its roots more room to grow.

Coffee Cup 3

The grapefruit tree is yielding its fruit.


And soon we will achieve breakfast sustainability.

Donut Bush


18 thoughts on “Breakfast Garden

  1. Ha! A doughnut tree! Do you have a bagel bush in your backyard? So funny!
    Oh, and I love that coffee cup pot.

    1. I found the pot on ebay. I guess these plants grow fast so I’ll need a bigger one next year. No bagel bush yet. The doughnut is actually a dog toy that was hanging in a bush in a friend’s yard. Looks real, though, yum!

  2. I love your donut tree – I need one of those. Actually, that would be a BAD idea, especially if it was a chocolate donut tree. I love your choice of pots for your coffee tree – too cool!!

  3. Yeah…I wondered what I was missing in life…a doughnut tree…that’s it!
    I want one that is small in size, very prolific and capable of a variety on the same tree. A funny, wonderful post!

  4. LOL . . . love the donut bush. You would make more money than Bill Gates if you could propagate some 🙂

    I had a coffee plant in my dorm room in college. Unfortunately, if fell 5 stories to its death when my roomie left our window open during a windy rain storm.

  5. absolutely perfect pot is right!! Well, you may not have money growing on trees but doughnuts on trees is just as good

  6. oh, that donut photo gave me a good chuckle! what a fabulously perfect planter for your coffee bean plant. i love it! and it looks like it loves it too!

  7. Oooh, if I could grow breakfast, it would be a tree full of my mom’s waffles, dripping in peanut butter and so filling you want to immediately go back to bed.

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