Breakfast Garden

The Arabica coffee plant has been appropriately repotted, giving its roots more room to grow.

Coffee Cup 3

The grapefruit tree is yielding its fruit.


And soon we will achieve breakfast sustainability.

Donut Bush


18 thoughts on “Breakfast Garden

    1. I found the pot on ebay. I guess these plants grow fast so I’ll need a bigger one next year. No bagel bush yet. The doughnut is actually a dog toy that was hanging in a bush in a friend’s yard. Looks real, though, yum!


  1. I love your donut tree – I need one of those. Actually, that would be a BAD idea, especially if it was a chocolate donut tree. I love your choice of pots for your coffee tree – too cool!!


  2. Yeah…I wondered what I was missing in life…a doughnut tree…that’s it!
    I want one that is small in size, very prolific and capable of a variety on the same tree. A funny, wonderful post!


  3. LOL . . . love the donut bush. You would make more money than Bill Gates if you could propagate some 🙂

    I had a coffee plant in my dorm room in college. Unfortunately, if fell 5 stories to its death when my roomie left our window open during a windy rain storm.


  4. absolutely perfect pot is right!! Well, you may not have money growing on trees but doughnuts on trees is just as good


  5. Oooh, if I could grow breakfast, it would be a tree full of my mom’s waffles, dripping in peanut butter and so filling you want to immediately go back to bed.


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